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It’s been two weeks since Meghan Markle welcomed her first child.

And apparently, the tabloid press has decided that her maternity leave is over and it’s time for her to resume her work as the favorite target of racist old British windbags.

Baby Sussex
Photo via Dominic Lipinski/WPA-Pool/MEGA

Earlier this week, Meghan caught flak for texting another guy … months before she met Harry for the first time.

Today, a similarly thirsty report claims that Meghan’s "diva behavior" has extended to motherhood, and the Duchess of Sussex is making life hell for her coterie of nannies and assistants.

And according to Radar Online, no one is suffering as much as Meg’s interior decorator, Vicky Charles.

The site’s sources claim Meghan is one of those people who believes that there’s a profound and mysterious relationship between children and their environments.

So Royally Awesome
Photo via Dominic Lipinski/WPA-Pool/MEGA

And so, she’s allegedly demanding that Charles totally tear down all the work she’s done in baby Archie’s nursery and start from square one.

“Meghan decided she wanted different colors and a different theme for the room after seeing Archie,” says one insider,

“She has asked Vicky to make sure the room resembles the personality she believes she can already see coming through in her little boy, even though he’s only a few weeks old.”

Apparently, the duchess has decided that Lil Arch needs something more “vibrant” as she believes he’s developing into an “outgoing extrovert.”

A Royal Creation
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Yes, the report is painting Meg as one of those wacky new age moms who pays to have their kid’s star chart analyzed and whatnot.

That’s not really consistent with anything we’ve come to know about her, but it’s out there now, and you can bet several outlets will run with it.

Somewhere, Piers Morgan is already working himself into a lather and preparing a jowl-quaking tirade for tomorrow’s Good Morning, Britain.

“Like any doting mum, Meghan is convinced she has already worked out what Archie is going to be like as he gets older,” adds the supposed palace insider.

Walking Away... Together
Photo via Instagram

“She thinks he’s going to be loud and outgoing, and she has told Vicky she wants that reflected in the choices of colors for his new nursery and the furniture.”

Is this a thing?

Do "doting mums" really think they know what their kids’ personalities are gonna be like after two freakin’ weeks?

Maybe some do — but surely very few demand a total redesign of their offspring’s living space to match the child’s future personality.

And it’s highly doubtful that the Duchess of Sussex has done any such thing — but it fits with the narrative that Meghan is impossible to work for, so you can expect to see this narrative everywhere in the weeks to come.