Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share Never-Before-Seen Wedding Pics on 1-Year Anniversary

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From the Roayl Wedding to a new Royal Baby.

What a difference one year can make, huh?

Exactly 12 months after they exchanged vows and became very famous husband and wife at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated the occasion by dropping an awesome surprise on their fans and followers:

The couple has released brand new photos from their wedding day!

They did so, of course, two weeks after also welcoming a son named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor into the world.

It really has been quite the 365 days for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"Thank you for all of the love and support from so many of you around the world," Meghan and Harry said in their Instagram post. "Each of you made this day even more meaningful."

Check out the very cool and romantic pictures below!

1. Wedding Beauties

Wedding Beauties
They're about to say they do! The blushing bride and her groom share a moment here at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

2. Groom and Best Man

Groom and Best Man
We don't get to see Harry and Williams in this sort of candid moment very often.

3. I Need a Ride!

I Need a Ride!
What a joker Prince Harry can be. He pretends to need a ride to the wedding in this photo.

4. Let's Do This, Shall We?

Let's Do This, Shall We?
It's just about game time here for the bride. Markle grabs her bouquet and gets ready to wed.

5. May I Have This Escort?

May I Have This Escort?
What a nice moment, right? Prince Charles escorts the bride down the aisle in this snapshot.

6. Guess We Really Did It

Guess We Really Did It
Prince Harry makes it official. This is him signing the wedding certificate.

7. Precious Time with a Parent

Precious Time with a Parent
Meghan shares a tender moment with mother Doria Ragland. The two have a very close relationship.

8. Help Please!

Help Please!
A little help, pretty please? Markle gets some help here with her beautiful and lengthy veil.

9. Now It's Really Official

Now It's Really Official
It's the bride's turn! Here is Markle, putting her signature on the wedding certificate.

10. Do I Really Wanna Do This?

Do I Really Wanna Do This?
The Duke of Sussex ponders his final moments as a single man. We're glad he still went through with it!

11. Everyone Say Cheeeeeeese!

Everyone Say Cheeeeeeese!
What a glorious photo. The bride and groom pose here for photos with their bridesmaids and pageboys.

12. Let's Take a Look Back at the Images Released a Year Ago, Shall we?

Let's Take a Look Back at the Images Released a Year Ago, Shall we?
Doesn't get much more romantic than this?

13. Here's Another...

Here's Another...
... and then another and another and another are about to follow.

14. Meghan, Harry and Kids

Meghan, Harry and Kids
It's Meghan! It's Harry! It's all these Royal kids and it's a photo so cute we just want to squeal and die!

15. Harry and Meghan: Married!

Harry and Meghan: Married!
Many observers of the royal wedding noted that Harry was more demonstrative in his emotions than previous royal grooms. He even uttered "I love you" to Meghan on more than one occasion.

16. Official Royal Wedding Photo

Official Royal Wedding Photo
Wow, huh? Talk about stunning. This is an official portrait snapped shortly after the Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

17. The Royal Newlyweds!

The Royal Newlyweds!
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are smiling here for a reason: The wedding is over and now it is time to party hard.

18. Veil Lift

Veil Lift
Let me see that face! Harry lifts up his bride's veil in this sweet photo of the newly MARRIED couple.

19. Royal Party Time

Royal Party Time
Meghan Markle has put the wedding gown away and replaced it with this sleek number. (Oh, and Harry looks decent, too.)

20. Prince Harry Arrives!

Prince Harry Arrives!
It's game time! Prince Harry looks focused and ready to become a husband in this early look at his wedding, from inside the chapel.

21. At the Altar

At the Altar
You are up close and personal with Harry and Meghan are they become husband and wife in this photo.

22. Meghan and Harry's Second Outfits

Meghan and Harry's Second Outfits
Meghan and Harry on their way to their wedding reception. Meg's second outfit was a hit with critics.

23. Getting Hitched!

Getting Hitched!
Look at this happy couple! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to exchange their vows in this photo.

24. Markle Wedding Dress

Markle Wedding Dress
Ladies and gentlemen, we present... Mr. and Mrs. Prince Harry! What a beauty Meghan Markle is in this gown.

25. Harry and Meghan Kiss!

Harry and Meghan Kiss!
Harry and Meghan share an intimate moment at the royal wedding. The newlyweds are more demonstrative in their affection than previous royal couples.

26. At Their Wedding

At Their Wedding
The bride! The groom! The excitement around the Royal Wedding is palpable in this photo. Yay for Harry and Meghan!

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