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Last month, Kylie Jenner celebrated Travis Scott’s birthday by publicly suggesting he knock her up with baby #2.

Now, a report confirms that she wasn’t joking — she has baby fever, bad.

And Kylie’s already set a deadline for when she wants to be pregnant. Travis better get to work.

Cute Fam!
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E! News reports that, if Kylie gets her way, Stormi could soon be an older sister.

"Kylie talks about having another baby very frequently," an insider reveals.

Her last pregnancy wasn’t planned, but it sounds like her next one is already in the planning stage.

"She would love to have another baby with Travis," the source reports.

Apparently, she has a specific timetable in mind.

Kylie and Stormi
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"And," the insider continues, Kylie "would love to be pregnant by next year."

Next year is only seven months away.

Some couples take longer than that to conceive, but clearly, Kylie and Travis are extremely compatible in terms of fertility.

"She talks about it all the time," the source reports.

The insider describes how Kylie is excited at the idea "and feels like she was truly meant to be a mother."

Stormi and Her Mommy
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This isn’t exactly breaking news, given Kylie’s extremely strong hints just days ago.

"Watching you evolve into the partner, friend, son, and father you are today has been so fulfilling"

"My real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one."

"I love you and I’m so so proud of you."

"Happy Happy birthday."

At the end, Kylie wrote: "Let’s f–k around and have another baby."

Straddling Scott
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One woman’s dream is another woman’s nightmare.

Obviously, not everyone wants to get pregnant. Even without the mortality risk, pregnancy permanently warps your body.

And plenty of people who dream of one day becoming parents would not have done so at 20.

In fact, Kylie’s a billionaire these days.

A lot of people would want to enjoy being young, beautiful, famous, and rich for years before settling down into parenthood.

Aside from general horniness towards Travis Scott and a rush of oxytocin every time that she looks at Stormi’s face, what’s the rush?

Travis Scott as a Father
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There may be a very wise method to Kylie’s apparent baby-madness.

See, sweet little Stormi Webster turned one year old on February 1 of this year.

Right now, she’s an only child.

Plenty of people would consider being a billionaire’s only offspring to be the most ideal life imaginable.

But the Kardashian family is obsessed with sibling ties and "the power of family," which is easy to emphasize when your family is as mighty as theirs.

Kylie was born about 20 months after Kendall was.

Maybe she wants that same age gap for Stormi and for baby #2.

Kylie Jenner Canoodles With Travis Scott, Mirror Selfie
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Kylie and Kendall may ahve been born in ’97 and ’95 respectively, but they have a huge age gap with their older sisters and their brother.

From their descriptions, it sounds like Kourtney was more of a fun babysitter at times than a peer, which makes sense given their ages.

Kylie could hold off on having another baby until she’s 30, but not if she wants Stormi and this child to be true peers as well as siblings.

Our only real question is why in the world Kylie is talking about getting pregnant herself when she could easily hire a gestational carrier like Kim did.

Maybe she feels sentimental about being physically pregnant? Your guess is as good as ours.