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The offseason for Ben Simmons has started earlier than he and his Philadelphia teammates had been hoping.

Following an epic seven-game playoff series against the Toronto Raptors, the 76ers became the first squad to ever lose a playoff round in a Game 7 buzzer beater, with Kawhi Leonard sending Simmons and company packing.

How can they advance next year?

How can they finally come close to winning the title?

Kendall Jenner and bs

Maybe they should resign Jimmy Butler. Maybe they should let Tobias Harris leave as a free agent.

But many fans are convinced of the one thing Simmons can do to improve his team’s fortunes going forward: DUMP KENDALL JENNER! 

The point guard and the professional model have been an item for well over a year now, mostly keeping their romance under wraps and away from the spotlight.

Except for the few times Jenner has been spotted as a Sixer game or Simmons has jumped in to Jenner’s Instagram and made it clear she’s making him horny AF.

Ben Simmons for 2!

Still, however, the fact remains that Simmons is dating a member of a family famous for its athlete curses.

Kim Kadashian briefly dated Miles Austin and then the wide receiver’s career basketball ended after their relationship folded.

Khloe actually married Lamar Odom and then he almost died from a drug overdose.

After Khloe broke up with Tristain Thompson a few months ago? His Cleveland Cavaliers finished with one of the three worst records in all of basketball.

For Simmons, the issue is his lack of a jumpshot.

Ben Simmons to the Hoop

He made a grand total of zero three-pointers as a rookie and then zero three-pointers again during this past season, causing serious problems for his team’s offense in this new era of pace and space.

His inability to stretch the floor has made it easy for teams to collapse on center Joel Embiid — and his lack of improvement shooting has caused many observers to assume he has to go spend more time in the gym…

… and less time at the club with Kendall.

“Ben needs to dump Kendall and work on his jumpshot,” one person Tweeted after the game after the aforementioned Game 7 defeat.

Another added:

“Ben Simmons this is your last chance…make this off-season count. I want to see that mid-range jumper, I want you to shoot the ball and dominate…please don’t just hang out with Kendall, get to work!!!!”

Kendall Jenner Stands and Poses

Simmons is only 22 years old. He has plenty of time to work on this aspect of his game.

But will he commit himself to doing it while Jenner is still in his life?

Can he really focus on basketball when you consider the circus that comes along with dating any Kardashian or Jenner?

We’re not so sure.

And we aren’t alone.

“Ben Simmons stop going on dates with Kendall get a jumpshot so you can be the BEST player in the league," a fan added this week.

Tall Drink of Sexy Water

It’s shaping up to be a major summer for the 76ers.

Will they keep their core intact? Or break it up due to a lack of chemistry?

Will Simmons focus solely on going to the hole in the bedroom and on the court?

Or will he expand both his range and his dating pool?

An anxious fan base awaits the answer.