Josh Duggar BEGS Judge to Remove His Name From Latest Scandal

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Even Duggar fans were hesitant to celebrate the news that Anna Duggar is pregnant with baby #6.

Imagine the burden and stigma of growing up with that creep Josh Duggar as your father! After all of those scandals!

Well, Josh is embroiled in yet another scandal, and is begging a judge to let him off the hook.

Josh Duggar Cries

As we previously reported, Josh Duggar is being sued for trying to steal a man's land.

See, Josh used his wealth to buy up a bunch of land in Arkansas.

It's a free country, and he can do that.

But you have to tell the owner about it and give him the money, first.

Josh thinks that he bought the land, but a man named Carl Echols bought the land in 2006.

Since then, he has paid taxes on the property and even lived on it.

Josh Duggar on Election Day

The specifics are that, in 2016, Josh's real estate company, ALB Investments, purchased five acres of land.

If you want an idea of how remote this land is, the purchase price was apparently a mere $1,000.

Of course, Echols says that he paid $17,500 when he bought the land from his cousin, Edward L. Lewis.

Now, Echols is suing Lewis for breach of contract -- for, you know, selling land that he didn't own and hadn't owned in a decade.

And he's suing ALB Investments for the land title.

Josh Duggar and a Kid

Earlier this month, Josh's attorneys have argued that ALB Investments are in "good standing."

(And sure, if you don't count being owned by a guy who famously molested 5 little girls, 

The legal team is asking the judge to remove them from the lawsuit, arguing that they should never have been a part of it in the first place.

The judge has yet to make a ruling, but Josh is asking that his name be removed from the matter.

Truth be told, it sounds like ALB Investments is just as much a victim in this as Echols himself.

Josh Kisses Anna

Josh occassionally appears in Duggar group photos, where they hope to sneak him in without reprisal from fans.

It's been years since Josh Duggar has appeared on reality television, and it's not by choice.

TLC may allow Jim Bob and Michelle on their show, but even that network has to draw the line somewhere.

Josh's cheating scandal and his (lol) "porn scandal" were big deals for his family.

But it was when it was revealed that Josh had molested five young girls, including his younger sisters, that viewers raised hell and Josh got fired.

The fact that Jim Bob and Michelle had worked to cover this up got 19 Kids and Counting canceled.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

By the skin of their teeth, the Duggars managed to remain on television, piggybacking onto the spinoff, Counting On.

But even though his family believes that his evil deeds have been wiped away through his faith, Josh is persona non grata for the network.

That has had a real impact on his livelihood, and forced him to focus upon his business interests.

Josh has a used car business, and is estimated to be worth about $200,000.

That's no chump change, and it means that he can certainly absorb the $1,000 property loss without his soon-to-be-six children starving.

Joshua Duggar Pic

But Jim Bob is worth millions, while Josh is merely comfortable.

Josh has to work harder than some of his siblings, in part because he has so many mouths to feed.

But also because he's not raking in money from reality television -- or the opportunities that accompany it.

Frankly, nobody was going to seek product endorsements from Josh before this lawsuit.

And land-stealer isn't even on anybody's Top 5 list on why Josh's brand is deeply toxic.

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