Josh Duggar Sued For Fraud After Stealing Neighbor's Land?!

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Well, folks, it looks like Josh Duggar will soon be back in court.

Sadly, Josh won't be facing justice for molesting five young girls, but it does finally face some consequences as a result of his actions.


You see, like his father, Josh is much more well-heeled financially than his neighbors in rural Arkansas.

(Josh is not rich, by any means, having been exiled from his family's media empire back in 2015. But by the standards of an economically-depressed region, he's doing okay.)

This enables Josh to buy up large tracts of land, thus granting him even greater power over his fellow Arkansans than he had already acquired through his wealth and his famous last name.

Josh Duggar Is Back

Of course, Josh is as conscientious about his real estate holdings as he is about not cheating on his wife.

And so it should come as no surprise that he's being sued for buying up his neighbor's land -- without telling the guy.

According to Radar Online, Carl Echols is taking Josh to court over what he says is the unlawful purchase of land he owns and lives on!

Echols says his cousin, Edward Lewis, sold him a 5-acre tract of land in 2006 for the sum of $17,500.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

Ten years later, Lewis sold the same property to Josh for just $1,000.

Now, it's unclear if Josh knew the property was not Lewis' to sell -- but Echols says Josh's due diligence would've cleared that right up.

“A full title search of the property would have put any prospective buyer on notice of Petitioner’s interest in the property,” Echols claims in court documents.

Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

“Petitioner has suffered damages because he has been paying property taxes on the property, has maintained the property, and may [be] displaced from the property if he does not prevail on his quiet title action,” his attorneys add.

Echols says Josh  “never visited the property," and doing so would have prevented this whole mess.

Thus, he believes Josh is just as culpable for this con job as Lewis.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that this isn't the only Josh Duggar real estate scandal to make headlines in the past week.

Anna and Josh Duggar Selfie

And you would be right.

Josh and wife Anna are reportedly desperate to sell their home, so much so, in fact, that they dropped the asking price by 10 grand after just a few days on the market.

It's unclear if these two matters are related, but there's a very strong likelihood of a link.

It's possible that Josh is eager to put some distance between himself and his angry neighbor.

Anna and Josh Duggar Photograph

Or it's possible that the five-acre lot was the intended location for his new home.

(Though that seems unlikely, as Josh has allegedly never surveyed the property once.)

Either way, this probably isn't sitting well with Josh's parents.

The Duggars earn most of their cash from two industries -- media and real estate -- and now Josh is messing up in both areas.

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