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In recent months, Blac Chyna has been trying to rebrand. She wants fans to see her as a good person.

Unfortunately, her reputation continues to be assailed by the person who has always been her biggest enemy: Blac Chyna herself.

Over her birthday weekend, Chyna allegedly pulled out a knife on her hair stylist. It’s now a police matter.

Blac Chyna Car Selfie

TMZ reports that Blac Chyna got into an altercation with her hair stylist on the morning of Saturday, May 11.

This wasn’t just some petty argument or even a screaming match.

According to the report, Chyna’s hairstylist threw cans during the fight.

… And Chyna herself allegedly whipped out a knife.

The worst part of all of this is that Chyna’s 6-year-old son, King Cairo, was allegedly present for this.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

All of this took place at Chyna’s home in the San Fernando Valley.

So, according to the report, this went down because the hair stylist told Chyna that she owed her some money.

When she asked Chyna for payment, Chyna allegedly producted a knife instead and threatened her with it.

The hair stylist then filed a police report.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to TMZ that Chyna appears as a named suspect on a report for assault with a deadly weapon.

Knives are deadly weapons, folks. Don’t screw around with them just because you’re mad at someone.

Blac Chyna and Her Lips

However, Chyna denies that she pulled out a knife.

Instead, her team says that the hair stylist left in a huff after they had a verbal argument about payment.

(Real talk: no matter what went down, people need to keep careful records of who owes what to whom, and pay people what you owe them)

Chyna’s team says that the hair stylist threw soda cans at Chyna’s car on her way out.

It sounds like there was a lot of alleged bad behavior that went down.

Blac Chyna, All Made Up

This is now a matter for the police to resolve.

On top of Chyna being potentially forced to go to court over this, she will face more personal consequences.

Because this went down in front of King, social services is expected to perform a welfare check on him.

We have no reason to believe that King is being harmed, but if he was aware of his mother pulling out a knife, he may be traumatized.

We’re sure that Chyna loves her son and we hope that she did her best to insulate him from her (childish) adult drama.

Blac Chyna Lipgloss Be Poppin'

Notably, this is not Chyna’s first incident along these lines — not even the first this year.

Back in January, she and her makeup artist allegedly got into a physical fight at her home.

(Girl, these people are there to help you look your best, the least you could do is not get into fights with them)

Police were called to her home at that time.

That is just … not a good look.

Blac Chyna Hair Photo

As we mentioned, Chyna has been trying to rehabilitate her public image.

It’s a smart move. As you get older, the "I’m the impulsive girl who dates rappers and gets into fights at Legoland" vibe looks worse.

Like … girl, you are 31 years old. You do not need to brawling with your stylists and getting caught faking college credit.

It doesn’t help that Saturday was her birthday.

On birthdays, knives should be used for cutting cake, not hair stylists.