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Recently, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff opened up about what she regrets about her divorce from Matt.

Now, she and Matt are sitting down to explain in detail how their uneasy relationship works since they’ve divorced and moved on.

They also have a surprising discussion about double-dating with their respective new loves.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff on Live
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Matt and Amy Roloff sat down with Us Weekly to discuss how their divorced lives are going these days.

"We like to say: There’s no Team Matt and no Team Amy," Matt expresses. "It’s Team Roloff."

"And," he continues. "We’re together into this thing."

"And even though Amy and I went through our divorce," Matt says, acknowledging: "And have our issues."

"… You know, we’re still working together on this," he points out. "On our salsa business. On our farm business. Pumpkins."

"So," he reasons. "We have our own enterprises, but we also have things that we do together."

Amy Roloff Wrote a Book
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Notably, the Roloff Farms pumpkin salsa business to which he refers was Amy’s notion, and some fans have accused him of stealing Amy’s idea.

"We’re still on the farm," Amy says.

"I mean," she continues. "There’s two different places, here, and we’ve been doing that since 2013."

"Two different homes," Matt interjects to clarify.

"I think he’s definitely great at business," Amy praises.

"And," she acknowledges. "We definitely have businesses together and we still maintain those."

Some Roloffs
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"On a personal side," Amy says. "You know, we’ve moved on."

"But again," Amy says emphatically. "It’s about our family, it’s about our kids, it’s about our grandkids."

"I think we’ll see a lot of each other just because of that," she predicts, hastily adding: "But that’s great!"

"Because," Amy explains. "Regardless of what’s happened between us, it’s still, to me, about family."

Amy Roloff on a Cloudy Afternoon
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"We still drive each other crazy," Matt acknowledges. "But then we respect each other as well."

"And we run our businesses," he adds.

Matt then cites an example of how he and Amy and their new loves, Caryn and and Chris, spend time together.

"We ran an event just the other day," Matt says. "I was there with Caryn and you were there with Chris."

"And Amy and I and Chris and Caryn all had conversation," he notes. "There was no tension in the room; it was all very easy."

Matt Roloff Loves Being a Grandfather
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Amy wants to make it clear that rumors that they can’t get along, even for a family event, are greatly exaggerated.

"It’s not like the four of us are all going to be best friends," she admits.

"She has to point that out," Matt says, laughing, adding that he’s "open to it."

"Okay," Amy says with a smile. 

"But we can be in the same room," she emphasizes. "We can be engaging [with each other]."

Amy Roloff is Gorgeous
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Matt would love to double date — he and Caryn would go out with Amy and Chris.

"i’ve been proposing that for a while," he reveals. "But it hasn’t gotten anywhere."

Realistically, plenty of exes — even those who merely dated for a few months or years — never get to a place where they double-date.

Matt and Amy were married for 27 years.

If they want to reach that point, it may take some time.

Time heals many wounds, but it could be a few more years before they can be easy friends.