Wendy Williams: Prepared to (FINALLY!) Divorce Kevin Hunter

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Wendy Williams is on a temporary hiatus from her talk show.

According to a new report, however, she may soon be on a permanent break from her awful husband.

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Indeed, Williams may finally be taking the course of action that she should have taken a very long time ago.

She may finally be preparing to divorce Kevin Hunter.

“She has a lot of love for the father of her son and business partner of decades, which has made this the toughest decision of her life," an insider tells Hollywood Life of what Wendy has been going through, adding:

"She is slowly coming to terms with the sad fact that maybe her marriage has run its course and that things are finally ending.”

Run its course?

LOL. That's one way to put it.

Wendy Williams Set Pic

Another way to put it is that Hunter has been cheating on Williams for several years with a mistress who lives very close to the couple.

And that this affair has been public knowledge.

And that this mistress just gave birth to Hunter's baby.

And that the stress of her marriage and Hunter's infidelity have caused Williams to relapse and check into a sober living facility and Holy Hell, yes, she needs to file for divorce, like, yesterday.

Everything we just wrote is almost definitely true.

Pretty crazy, right?

Wendy Williams Bugs Out

Williams has spent multiple segments in the past shooting down chatter about Hunter's affair.

Sort of.

In actuality, she spent these segments saying that she remained committed to her marriage, never really denying that something was off about it.

However, after Sharina Hudson allegedly gave birth to Hunter's love child, and after Williams admitted on air that she was residing in a sober living facility... she's had no choice but to face her relationship problems head-on.

We feel pretty terrible for her, despite often being critical of Williams as a television host.

Here is the footage of Williams talking about the aforementioned sober living facility:

Wendy is really sad about the marriage coming to an end and it has been a challenging time for her emotionally and physically,” the Hollywood Life source.

“She will always have love for Kevin, but she has been talking to her attorneys and preparing herself financially and emotionally for the end of her marriage to Kevin.”

Wendy and Kevin were spotted out together on March 27, just two days after the arrival of the latter's brand new child.

Wendy was also wearing her wedding ring at the time, for whatever that is worth.

She isn't expected back on the air until next week, at which time perhaps she'll address these personal issues again.

Hunter does work as a producer on Wendy's talk show, which could explain why she's been hesitant to walk away from him. It would stir up quite a lot of tension on set.

But the guy is a total loser, as outlined here:

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