Wendy Williams is "Fine" and I'm Trying to Buy Her Loyalty, Awful Husband Says

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Kevin Hunter has almost definitely been cheating on his famous wife for several years.

And he very likely welcomed a child with his mistress just over a week ago.

But Hunter just bought Wendy Williams a very expensive watch so... everything is A-OK now, right?!? 

Wendy W.

Hunter allegedly thinks or hopes so, as he talked to E! News on Tuesday for the first time since the state of his marriage has become a constant source of news, views and gossip.

"Wendy and the family are doing fine," Hunter told the outlet, referencing Williams' recent relapse and her decision to move into a sober living facility by adding:

"We are focused on her health and sobriety, and that is it."

The Internet community, however, is focused on a whole lot more when it comes to Hunter and Williams.

Most notably, fans of the talk show host are wondering if she finally is ready to divorce her awful husband.

Wendy Williams is Back!

Back in mid-March, Williams opened way up to her audience about how she fell off the wagon and is now residing in the aforementioned sober living facility.

She did cite her husband in this speech because she and Hunter have set up a hotline and a foundation to assist those with addiction problems...

... but Williams did not delve into the ways in which Hunter's wandering penis and lack of a moral compass seemingly contributed to her relapse.

After Wendy made the speech below, sources indicated that she fell back into drinking or drug use because Hunter had gotten his long-time mistress, Sharina Hudson, pregnant.

The day after Hudson gave birth to Hunter's baby, Williams was rushed to the hospital because she got very drunk.

Wendy then hosted a few more shows, never addressing her personal life, prior to going on a week-long hiatus.

According to E! News, meanwhile, Hunter just gifted her with a customized watch that's adorned with diamonds; it features a rectangular watch face with thick links... and it cost around $40,000.

"Kevin came in on Thursday and got Wendy a customized diamond encrusted Frank Muller watch," a source familiar with the transaction at Flawless Jewelry exclusively told this webiste, adding simply:

"The job cost $40,000. This is a customized piece."

That's one way to try and save a marriage, we guess.

Wendy Williams Close Up

But will it be successful?

Williams previously ignored all haters and critics and insisted to her viewers that her relationship would remain intact.

She never full-out denied rumors that Hunter had been cheating on her, she just emphasized her committment to the union.

"Anybody who's been married for 5 minutes or 500 years, you know marriages have ebbs and flows," she told viewers a few weeks before her relapse, adding:

"Marriages are not easy. Don't ask me about mine until you see this [ring] gone and it ain't going anywhere - not in this lifetime."

At what point, however, does such a statement go from a sign of strength to a sign of stupidity?

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