Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge: Engaged!

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For months now, fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County have been expecting Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge to get engaged.

it's not just that they've been dating for three years -- this engagement may save Vicki's job.

Now, that good news has come at last! See Vicki's announcement for yourself:

Vicki Gunvalson Engaged to Steve Lodge

On Friday afternoon, Vicki Gunvalson shared this sweet photo on Instagram.

Notice her hand? Notice the ring? It's hard to miss.

"I said 'YES,'" Vicki announces in the captions.

She adds an engagement ring emoji, in case there was any confusion.

For further clarity, she adds the tags: "#engaged #happy #mylove."

Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge, Date Night

Us Weekly shared some insights into this welcome engagement.

An insider reveals that Vicki is "so happy" to be engaged to the man she loves.

And apparently Steve didn't pop the question on impulse, either.

"He got all of her kids’ and his kids’ blessings before he did it," the source divulged.

When he dropped to one knee, Vicki was "shocked," according to the insider.

Vicki Gunvalson Is Not Wearing Any Panties

Though Vicki made this announcement in the afternoon on Friday, the proposal went down earlier int he week.

"He made her a romantic meal at home," the source details. "And then popped the question on Monday night."


Steve shared the same engagement photo on his Instagram.

"She said yes," he writes in the caption.

Steve added the tags: "#blessedday #engaged #happywifehappylife."

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Vicki and Steve began dating in April of 2016.

Three years is a fine amount of time to date at their age before getting engaged.

But reports from earlier this year have suggested that there's more to this engagement than romance.

In January, Vicki missed the first two weeks of filming because she was still in negotiations with Bravo.

According to a slew of reports, she had been demoted to a mere "Friend of the Housewives."

Vicki Gunvalson Waves a Knife

However, Vicki was soon back to filming, apparently as a Full Housewife.

So how did the OG of the OC manage to keep her "orange," so to speak?

Apparently, she (or rather, her representative who did the negotiating on her behalf) made a major promise to producers.

The deal was that Vicki would get engaged to Steve and that Bravo's cameras would be there to capture the happy milestone.

A few months later and bam, he drops to one knee.

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

Of course, Vicki has been DTW (down to wed) Steve for a while now.

"I am so ready for marriage," Vicki affirmed just a year and a half into their relationship. "I’m a marriage girl."

"I told him from the very beginning," she said. "if you don’t want to get married, then don’t waste your time with me."

Vicki said that this is "because I love being married."

"There’s no ring on right now," Vicki said at the time. "But we’re taking it slow and have a great relationship."

"That’s the most important thing for me," Vicki concluded. "Making sure it’s a solid relationship."

Even if this proposal may have been partially motivated by television, congratulations are in order to Vicki and Steve.

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