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Earlier today, several media outlets (including this one) reported that Meghan Markle might be in labor.

It remains to be seen if that was the really the case or if it was merely a false alarm originating in the British tabloids — and it could be several weeks before we find out for sure, as Meghan and Harry have made it clear they plan to protect their newborn’s privacy.

Meghan Markle Happy
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But if there’s any truth to the rumors, and Meghan did welcome her first child, then she may have just completed the most productive week in the history of the British Royal Family. 

(Yes, we’re including the week in which Edmund the Penitent defeated the French at the Battle of Chesterfordshire just days before he resolved the Yorkford Grain Crisis of 1681 — and yes, we just made all that up.)

Because in addition to bringing a new prince or princess into the world, Meghan might have also ended a rivalry that’s been raging for at least the past year.

A Fab Four
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At first, it was reported as a feud between Kate and Meghan.

As more information became available, however, it began to look as though the bad blood was really between William and Harry.

Currently, it looks as though the brothers may have cut ties as a result of William’s alleged affair with Rose Hansbury.

Sources say Harry was upset that Will was commenting on his marriage while cheating on his own wife, and the whole thing dredged up painful memories of their father cheating on their mother, etc.

2 Princes
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Basically, the world’s wildest soap opera is unfolding behind the walls of Buckingham Palace, and the Royals are looking to keep the whole thing to themselves. Stingy.

But now, the beef between the Cambridges and the Sussexes may have finally come to an end.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Harry and Kate were spotted hanging out, and now it looks as though the two couples recently spent time together at Harry and Meghan’s new home, Frogmore Cottage.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
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According to Harper’s Bazaar the unexpected visit happened on Easter Sunday.

“William and Catherine visited because Meghan was unable to attend the service,” a source tells the magazine.

“They wanted to be supportive and see how she is doing. It was a lovely afternoon.”

It was William and Kate’s first visit to the quaintly-named estate, which Meg and Harry have apparently made very much their own.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Enjoy Sports Together
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“Meg and Harry are really settled in now,” a friend of the couple tells Bazaar.

“It’s truly a lovely home and they have done such a great job with the space.

"So much light and positive energy. I couldn’t think of a better place to start a family.”

So it remains to be seen if Meg really welcomed a child today, but if she did, it sounds like the royal tyke will be entering a very peaceful environment.