The Bachelorette Premiere Lets Hannah Brown Spy on Her Suitors

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Folks, we are just two weeks away from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette.

If you follow The Bachelorette Spoilers, you know Season 15's endgame. But on that first episode, it will all be new to Hannah.

Which is why she'll have two spies -- Demi Burnett and Katie Morton -- to ferret out which dudes can stay and who should go home.

Hannah Brown Picture

ABC has revealed that two of Hannah's pals from The Bachelor will serve as "Hannah's Angels" as her season begins.

Demi and Katie will apparently be parked close to the mansion in a surveillance van.

(We are living for this needlessly theatrical setup)

The purpose?

They'll get to watch videos of Hannah's hopeful suitors and offer up their opinions.

Demi Burnett on Instagram

That's right, Demi and Katie are getting license to just announce their opinions on these different men.

Demi famously spoke at length about exactly what she thought of Colton.

She spoke so much about how he needed to be guided and dominated that some wondered if she'd planned to peg him in the Fantasy Suite.

(Alas, that's not how things went down, and fans can only dream of what might have been)

This girl has almost no filter and the results are guaranteed to be pure gold for the Bachelor Nation watching at home.

Katie M.

Demi may have a larger-than-life personality packed into that petite frame, but Katie's not exactly tight-lipped, either.

Remember, it was Katie who cautioned Colton that some of the constestants who were hoping to swipe his V-card were no good.

Specifically, she warned him that they were there for the wrong reasons.

And of course, that information caused Colton to spiral into one of his mini-meltdowns during his seaosn.

So yeah, we've very interested in hearing what Katie thinks of the guys who hope to woo Hannah.

Traveling Hannah

Hannah and her entourage of hopeful hunks has quite the itenerary laid out.

The Bachelorette will take the cast to the Netherlands, Latvia, Greece, and Scotland.

And, as you can imagine, Alabama Hannah will be traveling to her home state of Alabama.

Miss J (from America's Next Top Model) will be making an appearance.

So will two of the planet's favorite drag queens, Alaska Thunderf--k (probably just going by Alaska) and Alyssa Edwards.

The Bachelor Nation will be treated to Alyssa's famous reactions and face journeys -- they're in for a treat!

Sad Hannah

Some fans have been critical of Hannah's selection of hopefuls.

There isn't really a nice way of saying this, but some folks in the Bachelor Nation don't think that they're passing muster in the hotness department.

(I saw someone refer to Garrett P. as a bargain basement Dean Unglert and I cannot unsee it)

Look, not everybody's going to be Peter Krauss (sadly) or Leo Dottavio (thank goodness), but they may have a point.

Or maybe ABC didnt' share their most flattering photos.

And maybe, just maybe, people watched Colton shower one time too many and it gave them unrealistic expectations for what men look like.

We can't wait to hear Demi and Katie's takes on absolutely all of this.

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