Scheana Marie: Lindsay Lohan Sucks and Her Show Is Boring!

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When Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club premiered on MTV back in January, the show drew instant comparisons to Vanderpump Rules.

This was no accident, of course, as the press releases that led up to the show's debut encouraged media outlets to make these comparisons between the two series.

Lindsay as a Boss

Superficially, Beach Club and Rules do have a lot in common, as both concern the drunken misadventures of a crew of horny hospitality workers -- but that's where the similarities end.

The main thing separating the two shows is the fact that Vanderpump is a strong contender for the best non-scripted series on TV, while Beach Club has been described by some of the nation's most esteemed critics (us) as "the kind of trainwreck it's easy to look away from."

Beach Club's ratings started out low and declined throughout the season, so it remains to be seen if the show will return for a second season.

LiLo at the Beach

(Smart money says we've seen the last of Lindsay's sand-and-syphilis crew.)

But Lindsay remains a subject of public fascination, so the Vanderpump cast are still asked for their thoughts on her failed experiment during interviews.

The latest to be hit with the LiLo line of questioning is Scheana Marie, who did not mince words when Page Six asked her about Beach Club at a recent club opening.

“My friend Kailah [Casillas] was on it and I watched her episodes, but other than that, it’s boring,” Scheana told the outlet "with a distinct eye-roll."


“It’s never going to be Vanderpump Rules because it was cast — our show is so good because it’s organic; we’re real friends. We’ve all known each other for a decade plus.”

Asked if the other VPR cast members share her opinion that Beach Club is just a lame knock-off, Scheana replied, “Everyone.”

Hilariously, cast members on Lindsay's show also roll their eyes at the comparison -- because they think Beach Club is the vastly superior series.

Scheana Shay on a Boat

"They should be so lucky!” clubber Billy Estevez told Page Six.

“They work at a little, cheap restaurant in West Hollywood,” Beach Club's resident douche villain Brent Marks chimed in.

“Well, I mean it’s kind of expensive though, but I mean we work in Mykonos on an exotic island.”

Vanderpump Rules Ladies

Hilariously, this is not the first time that Lindsay has gotten caught up in Vanderpump-related drama.

For years, Jax Taylor has been saying he slept with Lohan, a claim the former actress vehemently denies.

Was launching a rip-off and firing Scheana's friend all part of Lindsay's revenge strategy?

If so, it might go down in history as the most petty and needlessly-elaborate revenge in modern history.

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