Lindsay Lohan: Jax Taylor Is LYING! We Never Banged!

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On Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club premiered on MTV, reminding the world that Lindsay Lohan is still out there and still trying to rebuild her decimated career.

Lindsay would likely be the first to admit that she's made quite a few mistakes over the years.

Lindsay Lohan, Behind The Scenes

But she insists that sleeping with Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor is not one of those regrettable decisions.

For over a decade, Taylor has been claiming that he hooked up with Lohan after partying with her at a club in LA.

It's not the most gentlemanly move, and to make matters worse, Jax has repeatedly told the world that Lindsay is really bad in bed.

Lindsay Lohan-Jax Taylor

The story has long been a staple of early-2000s gross hook-up lore.

But what's often glossed over is the fact that Lindsay insists the hook up never happened.

LiLo appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night, and she once again doubled down on her claim that not only has she never slept with Jax, she's never even met him.

During the show's infamous Plead the Fifth segment, Lisa Vanderpump asked Lindsay for a review of Jax's performance in the sack.

(Lisa's not your average employer, folks.)

“I’ve never even met him. I never met him. Really," Lohan insisted.

"Maybe he met Hallie or Annie,” she added, in a weird reference to her Parent Trap characters.

Lindsay in Greece

The famously short-tempered Jax is not one for just laughing off criticism, so it was no surprise when he took to Twitter to refute Lindsay's claim.

"Not that I care, it was over 10 years ago and I am happily engaged, but she's a liar," he tweeted on Thursday, along with a screenshot of a text message from his friend who was allegedly with him on that fateful night.

"My two friends who have nothing to gain were with me the whole night. That's all I will say on this. So you are lying, darlin'."

Jax Taylor Meltdown

Jax recently got engaged to Brittany Cartwright, and he'll turn 40 freakin' years old this year, so it's a little strange that he's carping about his past hookups on Twitter.

But hey, at least he acknowledged how weird it is that he's delving into this.

Although come to think of it, the fact that he knows he just shut up actually makes the whole situation even weirder.

As for who we believe, Jax and Lindsay are both known BS artists, so this will probably remain one of the great mysteries of our time for the foreseeable future.

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