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Forget the Donald Trump haters and critics for a moment.

They’ll be making their voices heard plenty between now and November 2020.

For now, we’re gonna focus instead on another tribe of individuals on social media, those who may believe the President is a narcissistic racist…

… but who definitely believe the White House uses a Melania Trump body double on occasion.

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Talk of a fake Melania Trump first surfaced in October of 2017 after President Trump delivered a speech in which a handful of observes absolutely swore that the woman standing next to him was NOT actually the First Lady.

We covered that conspiracy HERE.

It really did seem like a fairly wayward and absurd conspiracy at the time — but now it’s back.

On Friday morning, the Commander-in-Chief stood in front of the Washington press corp and answered a few questions.

During the exchange, he referred to himself as "the most transparent President ever."

And yet, incredibly, this was not the most shocking aspect of the media gathering; at least not to a few social media users who honed in the appearance of the woman by Trump’s side.

Melania Trump with her Donald

"I have never believed in a conspiracy more than the one that Melania was killed and replaced by a stand-in," wrote one individual, while another looked at a photo of the supposed First Lady at this event and wondered:

Who the hell is that?! That is not Melania Trump.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Who is that woman standing behind Trump because it is straight up not Melania?”

And yet another chimed in as follows:

I am not a conspiracy theorist but this is really weird.

Here is a screen capture from a video of Donald and Melania from this morning. Can you see where these body double theories are coming from?

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To be clear, we really do not think the real Melania Trump was murdered.

But famous people do sometimes trot out dopplegangers as a safety measure.

In the case of Melania, however, it’s possible that she simply hates her cheating husband and her life and refuses to go out in public with the President sometimes.

So his staff is left with no choice but to send a phony in her place.

Angry Melania Trump

Melania Trump actually celebrated her birthday on Friday amid this new controversy.

The White House marked this occasion by sending out a Tweet that read “Happy Birthday, @FLOTUS!” 

Nice enough, right?

However, in the accompanying photo, Mrs. Trump is sitting alone on a sofa during a bilateral meeting between Donald Trump and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis in the Oval Office.

Sort of an odd picture to use in honor of someone’s birthday — and Twitter took notice.

There was this Photoshopping of The Donald next to his wife:

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And also this Photoshopping of the person who really, tragically runs the country alongside his puppet’s better half:

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Like, we don’t really believe all this Melania Trump body double chatter.

But we’d also totally understand if she just wanted to go into hiding for the next year and a half, you know?