Matt Roloff Makes Important Sale: What's Next for Roloff Farms?

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Tensions have been mounting on Little People, Big World, where Matt accused Amy of holding him "hostage" using Roloff Farms.

But that was filmed ages ago, and fans have feared that Matt has finally bought out Amy's share and sold the farm.

Now comes the news that Matt has made a hefty sale of Oregon property. What's next for the Roloff family?

Matt Roloff: An Image

RadarOnline reports that Matt Roloff raked in $385,000 for the sale of a piece of property in Oregon.

If you're clutching your chest in horror or simply scratching your head in confusion at the "low" number, let us clear things up.

They did not sell Roloff Farms.

At least, not yet.

This was a sale of a piece of property nearby -- we'll share the details on that.

But we will also explain how this sale could have a very real impact on the precarious fate of Roloff Farms just as soon as Matt gets paid.

One Happy Grandpa

In November of 2018, Matt Roloff purchased the property in Hillsboro, Oregon for $345,000.

At present, it looks like he has flipped it for a $40,000 increase in value.

Five months from purchase to sale does not sound bad at all.

It's more impressive because, per RadarOnline's report, the only "renovation" that Matt did to the property was ... removing some trees.

Some would consider that a downgrade that can lead to higher air conditioning costs, but it seems like Matt found a buyer eager to fork over the full price.

Matt Roloff Holding an Envelope

That sale is all well and good for Matt, but ... what does it have to do with Roloff Farms?

Well, that $40,000 windfall means that Matt has more cash on hand, or at least he will very soon.

And he may want to use that cash to buy out Amy Roloff's stake in Roloff Farms so that he can redo things -- or so that he can move.

"There’s part of me that wants to keep the farm and build a house that suits me," Matt has expressed.

"But part of me just wants to sell the farm and liquidate it and move on," he has admitted. "It’s a burden."

Matt Roloff and Other Family

Matt has spoken of his dream of building, either on the land or simply nearby, a more "Little Person friendly" home.

At present, Amy occupies the main house.

While Matt has already purchased a home in Arizona -- from the parents of his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler -- that's just a vacation home.

Matt has a tendency to be a little impulsive. He gets an idea and he goes with it.

The fact that he needs Amy's approval at the moment for choices regarding their shared property has been a major source of frustration.

Frustration for her and for him.

Matt Roloff Loves America

Little People, Big World fans have made their voices heard, time and time again.

They beg Matt and Amy to not sell the farm.

It's not just that some fans like to come out and take photos or that others like to buy the Roloff brand pumpkin salsa where available.

The farm has a lot of sentimental meaning to fans who, for many years now, have watched the Roloffs live on it.

Besides, them selling the farm would be the final nail on the proverbial coffin of what the Roloff family once was, when Matt and Amy were married.

Fans aren't ready to let go.

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