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For the first six seasons of the show’s run, Jax Taylor was Vanderpump Rules‘ resident troublemaker.

He wasn’t always the show’s biggest villain — that title often belonged to James Kennedy — but no one stirred the pot quite as effectively as Jax.

Jax Taylor in a Coat

But that all changed this season with the "Jax is a changed man" storyline.

Many viewers have been skeptical of Taylor’s transformation, and indeed, only time will tell if it lasts.

But it seems undeniable that two important events led Jax to reevaluate his priorities.

Last year, Taylor’s father died after a long battle with cancer.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor Pic

Shortly thereafter, Jax got engaged to Brittany Cartwright, the long-suffering girlfriend to whom he had been unfaithful just months earlier.

Despite his troubled past, Taylor seemed committed to carving out a more respectable future.

Which is why so many were surprised to see the 39-year-old return to his douchey ways on Monday night’s episode.

One tense scene saw Taylor squaring off against Brittany’s father and brothers, all of whom were aware of his past infidelities.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax

Instead of begging forgiveness, however, Jax bafflingly insisted that it’s important for him to put himself first in the relationship.

He later took to social media to claim that he had been misrepresented by poor editing:

"For those of you who want to come at me for tonight’s dinner scene: First of all, yes — mentally, I have to put myself first, or I won’t be able to take care of my wife or my kids," Taylor began (we assume he’s referring to his future children).

"That is what I meant by that," he continued.

Jax Taylor Meltdown

"I wouldn’t be making these moves forward and say something so selfish," Jax added.

"I believe everyone needs to put themselves first, or how can I possibly be good for anyone?"

He went on to say that he "never once complained about editing" — before going on to do exactly that.

"This scene was edited horribly," he insisted.

Jax Taylor on a Red Carpet

"I even spoke to [Brittany’s] father after, and he was like, ‘This is not how it went,’" Taylor recalled. 

"We are both on the same page — just so you know — and he agrees with me, and that’s all that matters. Wanted to clear that up. I feel I owe it to you guys (viewers). I don’t want to let anyone down ever again."

Of course, Jax made several comments that really couldn’t have been taken out of context, even by editors who were seeking to destroy him for whatever reason.

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright on Instagram

For one, Taylor admitted that it took the death of his father for him to "figure all this s-it out" — "this sh-t" being not cheating on his fiancee.

"I was going through my own personal issues when I did what I did," he told Brittany’s father.

When he was later cautioned about the importance of open and amicable communication, Taylor said:

"That’s a hard thing for me because I always have to have the last word."

Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taykir Photo

"Again, I love Brittany more than anything, but I gotta take care of this guy right here first," he added.

"I’m always gonna be No. 1."

We get Jax’s point about needing to look out for himself so that he can look out for others.

But dude — maybe you don’t need to make that case to the family of your future wife who you were recently caught cheating on.