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Last year, Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo opened up on how life sucks after a marriage ends. After 28 years, it’s a huge adjustment.

All of these months later, however, her ex seems to be getting the hang of things.

But Larry says that the show that made them famous was also a curse that destroyed their personal lives and their marriage.

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RadarOnline spoke to Larry Caputo, who warns that his 28-year marriage was doomed the moment that they became famous.

"I can go down a list of reality shows where it’s destroyed them," Larry asserts.

We can definitely think of some couples who fell apart because their relationships were constantly recorded and broadcast.

"Once you’re in the public eye," he warns. "Anything can be revealed!"

But if anyone is thinking that Larry is harboring dark secrets, he quickly clarifies: "I have nothing to worry about."

"I’m not doing anything stupid or crazy," he asserts.

Larry Caputo Looks Sad

"I feel secure that way,” Larry admits, explaining that he doesn’t have dirt to dig up.

He adds: “There’s nothing you’re going to get on me."

"But," Larry says, speaking of fame and the unearthing of secrets. "It’s ruined so many people’s lives."

That is difficult to dispute.

And there is more, he explains, than blackmail or bad press that can eat away at your relationships.

"When you’re in the public eye," Larry notes. "It does put a strain on your personal life,"

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"That can be hard for the average person who is not a trained actor," Larry cautions.

He exempts that one group "because a trained actor knows what they’re getting themselves into."

Well, some do. Others are blown away by their meteoric rise to fame — especially child actors.

"A reality person doesn’t realize what they’re getting themselves into," he warns. "Until they’re in it,"

"And," Larry says, speaking of his own experiences. "It’s a learning process."

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Larry says that Long Island Medium isn’t through with him yet.

"They want me to be [on the show]," Larry says. "To what degree, I’m not sure,”

“The people who watch the show, the diehard fans, it’s killing them that Theresa and I are not together," he notes.

They were married for 28 years. Fans never expected their divorce to really happen.

Larry expresses: "we were adored and idolized and so relatable to everyone."

"So," he explains. "People were really upset it didn’t work out between the two of us."

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What is Larry’s life like these days?

"I have a lot of time by myself,” Larry shares.

Describing his activities, he says: “I go for walks, hop in my car, try to learn my way around California."

"And I do go to the gym every day," he notes. "That’s the highlight of my day."

That sounds kind of sad, but keep in mind that he is also promoting a wine label and has a new girlfriend.

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Seeing as how he doesn’t have anything to hide, is there a chance that Larry would do some new reality television project?

"If I’m approached and sounds like the right thing," Larry suggests. "Maybe I would do it.”

He notes that he would be open to something related to cars, or perhaps cooking.

“The other thing is," Larry says. "Do I want to get back into reality TV and back in the public eye again?"

"Because not only for myself," Larry clarifies. "But it seems like for a lot of reality people it doesn’t end well."

That is a decision that only he can make, but a lot of fans would love to tune in to anything that he might do.