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Keevonna Wilson, a model best known for posing on Instagram and showing off her cleavage, has been sentenced to four years probation for being a terrible person.

In our judgment, that is.

But we’re pretty sure that’s an inarguable statement.

Keevonna Wilson

The South Florida resident was caught on camera back in September of 2017, entering the elevator of her condominium in a Miami suburb.

Surveillance cameras then captuted Wilson repeatedly kicking her dog, a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix named Chastity. The video, as described by People Magazine, appears to show her kicking the dog at least 10 times.

To reiterate:

Keevonna Wilson kicked her little, helpless, cute and innocent dog a minimum of 10 times.

Security guards at the condominium contacted the authorities and provided them with the video, the Miami Herald has reported.

Keevonna Wilson

This same newspaper obtained the police report of the incident, which states that Miami-Dade Animal Services examined the canine and found bruises around her stomach area.

They proceeded to remove Chastity from Wilson’s home and put her up for adoption.

Wilson’s defense lawyer, Robert Resnick, told the Miami Herald that his client did not intend to seriously injure the dog, actually claiming with a straight face:

“She was devastated by this. She worked very hard to make this right.”

Wilson addressed her behavior and her punishment in a lengthy Instagram this past Sunday.

“My actions were despicable and uncalled for,” she wrote, as screen-captured below. “I should’ve never allowed my anger issues to dictate how I would treat my own defenseless dog.”

Model Statement

In an attempt to earn sympathy from followers and/or anyone reading about this situation, she continued:

“I took anger management classes on my own to help me deal with my internal issues. I took the classes because I wanted to deal with the root of why I reacted in such a horrible way.”

"I cannot change the past, but what I can do is contribute towards making a positive difference in our society, especially when it comes to animal cruelty."

And she concluded:

Once again I apologize to anyone who I affected in any way, I pray God helps and guide me through these rough times. I went through the system and paid legally for my wrongs now I will take it a step further and help dogs who experience abuse.

Thank you guys have a blessed day.

Wilson Mug

Last Wednesday, the 26-year old accepted a plea deal that calls on her to serve four years of probation… pay a $600 fine… and write a letter to the court apologizing for the animal abuse.

We can also confirm that the judge withheld adjudication, which means she won’t technically be convicted of a crime.

Wilson has also agreed to not own any pets for three years and has paid back authorities approximately $2,700 to offset the cost of the police investigation and of housing the dog.

Charity, it’s important to note, is reportedly happy and healthy with her new family.