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According to a recent report, Kylie Jenner is looking to get the heck off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Conversely, however, the 21-year old is getting her extreme and intense flirt on with Travis Scott in two brand new Instagram photos.

So much for major tension in this relationship we guess, huh?

Straddling Scott

Late Thursday, the mother of one took to her wildly popular social media account to publish pictures from the famous couple’s ongoing tropical Mexican trip.

In one of the steamy snapshot, the supposedly self-made billionaire can be seen taking a sip of her drink as she straddles the 27-year-old Grammy nominee in the water.

In the other image, Kylie also has her legs wrapped around Scott’s lower half while they bob in the water and maybe even make love down there, out of view.

We can’t say for certain because we can’t see their private parts or their alleged bathing suits in these photos.

Drinking and Dry F-cking

"Baecation," Jenner wrote as a simple caption to the post, while Scott replied in the Comments section with "Wifey."

The artist continues to use this word when referring to Kylie, despite the fact that the stars are not married.

But at least they are happy and very clearly together based on these pictures, two descriptions that we were hesitant to attach to Scott and Jenner just a few weeks ago.

At that time, as you may recall, there was pretty strong chatter that Scott had been cheating on Kylie.

The rapper even canceled a tour date in Buffalo amidst this rumor, sticking around Los Angeles in order to calm Jenner down and convince her that he had been loyal all along.

Travis with Kylie

As for the basis of this rumor?

A source previously told Radar Online that Kylie became irritated after receiving a tip from a woman who claimed to have slept with Travis.

“Kylie got anonymous messages from a woman claiming to be Travis’ side piece,” the insider said back then. “The woman had no proof, but Kylie flipped out."

For good reason, really. Her family is still dealing with the fallout of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian again, something he did with Kylie’s very best friend, Jordyn Woods.

So the whole cheating thing is especially sensitive for Jenner these days.

It's Okay to Smile

It may have been a rough few days for Kylie and Travis, but they’ve risen above it at this point and are in a "really good place," according to E! News.

This Mexican vacation has reportedly solidified their status and their love for one another.

Isn’t that right, anonymous E! insider?

"Kylie and Travis have mended their relationship and are in a really good place now. They truly needed this vacation and alone time with one another," this person has said, concluding:

"Every time Kylie sees Travis interacting with Stormi and being a great father, she falls in love with him even more.

"It was great for them to spend time together as a family, and Kylie feels more at ease about their relationship and where she stands with him."