Christine Brown Sells Vegas Home Amid Sister Wives Stars' Marital Collapse

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Sister WIves fans have been wondering -- or dare we say, hoping -- that Christine and Kody Brown's marriage is on its death bed.

For now, however, they're still officially together, and living in Arizona with the rest of the family.

They moved almost half a year ago, but only now has Christine managed to sell her Vegas home -- after steeply slashing the price.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Though some of the Brown family had spent time in Flagstaff, Arizona beforehand, they officially moved last September.

In a new report, RadarOnline reveals that Christine Brown's home is, at long last, no longer on the market.

But this good news only arrives after months of difficulty as the family attempted to sell the home.

Of course, the news about the home sale isn't all as good as the family had hoped.

They had to really trim down the price before any buyer would touch it.

Kody & Christine Brown Celebrate Mykelti's Wedding

Christine Brown's home finally sold on Tuesday, April 2.

The price? $599,900.

That's not chump change by any means -- it's more money than most houses sell for, and most would consider it a hefty windfall.

But it's far, far below the initial asking price.

Way back in July of 2018, the Vegas home was listed for sale at $675,000.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown

In September, after the family had officially uprooted themselves and moved to Flagstaff, the asking price was slashed.

The new ask was $649,000.

In November, the price dropped another ten grand to $639,000.

Then, in January of this year, the listing was slashed again to $614,900.

In total, Christine's home sold for $75,100 less than she had originally hoped.

Robyn Brown Tells All

Christine is the second of Kody's sister-wives to sell off her Vegas home.

In February, Robyn's home sold for a little more.

Robyn's house went for $603,000.

She had also had to reduce her asking price, but not by nearly so much.

Her original ask was $619,900.

Meri Brown Returns

As is so often the case in the Brown family, Meri has the short end of the stick.

In January of 2019, Meri's home was listed at $599,900 -- the final sale price of Christine's old house.

Last month, she cut her ask by a cool $25,000.

The March price of the residence is $574,900.

But Meri isn't the only one whose house still has a For Sale sign.

Janelle Brown on Instagram

In October of 2018, Janelle Brown's home was on the market, listed at $649,000.

In January, the asking price was lowered to $599,900.

Just like Meri's, Janelle's price dropped in March, matching asks at $574,900.

Say what you will about Kody Brown (and we will), but he has been pitching in to help sell these houses.

On March 9 and 10, he made a celebrity appearance at open houses to try to push for the sale of the homes.

The publicity stunt promotion may have worked on Christine's house, at least.

Sister Wives Pic

Considering the volume of these sale prices and the celebrity status, this may look like "rich people problems."

But the Browns trying to sell their homes are not in the same boat as someone trying to decide which megayacht to buy.

At present, everyone but Kody is renting homes in Flagstaff, paying multiple thousands a month -- each.

They actually need the cash that these home sales can produce.

The Browns are rich, but not mega rich.

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