Justin Bieber Offers Lamest Apology of All-Time for Pregnancy Joke

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Justin Bieber made an April Fools Day joke yesterday and he thinks it was funny and creative and anyone who believes otherwise is just overly sensitive and annoying and clearly wrong.

But, hey, he's totally sorry if you are one of those people!

Justin Bieber Likes Noodles

This is basically what Bieber has written on Instagram after garnering severe backlash for a prank he conducted on April 1.

The prank, as you may have read about, was very simple:

Justin shared a sonogram photo on his social media account, along with multiple photos of wife Hailey Baldwin at the doctor's office with her shirt pulled up and her stomach exposed.

The strong implication?

He and Baldwin were expecting their first child!

After receiving some congratulations and some questions from followers, however, Bieber at last admitted that this was just an April Fools joke.

doc baldwin


More like... what the Hell for many Internet users, a bunch of whom noted the number of women who cannot get pregnant and/or who have suffered miscarriages -- and how offensive such a joke is to those who have gone through such hardships.

Bieber has apparently read these criticisms.

And he has the most half-hearted apology you'll ever read in response to them.

"There’s always gonna be people offended, there’s also people who don’t take jokes very well, I am a prankster and it was APRIL FOOLS," Bierer explained this morning in a caption to the photo below, adding:

"I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to people who can’t have children. A lot of people I know, their first go to prank on April fools is telling their parents they are pregnant to get a big reaction."

So, just to recap, Bieber has not yet apologized -- but he has admitted that his joke was unoriginal.

biebs insta


Go on in that case, Justin...

"I will apologize anyway and take responsibility and say sorry to people who were offended. I truly don’t want anyone to be hurt by a prank.. it’s like when I shoved cake in my little sisters face for her birthday expecting her to laugh but she cried."

Sure, we guess it is sort of like that.

No one thinks you purposely set out to be hurtful, Justin.

But the qualifications and excuses you're offering up here don't feel like much of a mea culpa.

Justin Bieber in Vogue

Concluded the artist:

"You sometimes just don’t know what will hurt someone’s feelings not to compare pregnancy with cake in the face but it’s just to paint the picture of not knowing what will offend.

"Some might have laughed but some were offended .. I think With pranks u sometimes have to roll that dice."

Or, you know, you could always choose NOT to be a total cliche and acknowledge April Fools Day at all; let alone acknowledge it with a so-called prank you yourself admit is very old and played out.

That's another option, man.

Biebs on Insta

Bieber tossed in the hashtags #prankster #dennisthemenace #sorry #truly to conclude his terrible apology.

We were just starting to like the guy again, too.

After years of often coming across like an entitled douche canoe, Bieber has calmed down of late and even acknowledged a bit of Depression.

He's clearly gone through a lot over the years and does seem, overall, as if he's maturing and coming into his own these days.

This joke was simply a massive fail.

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