Alaskan Bush People: Renewed for Season 10 ... or Canceled??

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Just because Alaskan Bush People is heavily edited doesn't mean that viewers are done with the show or with the Brown family.

But how does the network feel, especially after this past season's slight ratings slump?

Will Alaskan Bush People continue, or simply fade into the wilderness?

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

RadarOnline is reporting some amazing news for fans of Alaskan Bush People.

Discovery has decided to renew the reality series for yet another season.

This will be Season 10.

Billy and Ami Brown are of course "thrilled" at this news.

This means another season of telling their story and sharing it with America and the world.

Alaskan Bush People Promo Pic

This welcome renewal also means another season of the kinds of fat paychecks that have turned them into millionaires.

This isn't a secret that the family's been sitting on for ages, either.

We're learning of this just a short time after they did.

"Billy and Ami were just informed this week," an insider shares. "That the network would like to do another season"

"And of course," the source adds. "They were on board."

Yeah, we should think so.

Rain Brown and Noah Brown in Alaska

Season 8's ratings were so titanic that they put Keeping Up With The Kardashians to shame.

Season 9 saw a bit of a dip in viewership, but there was a major light at the end of that tunnel.

"They were a bit worried because of lower than usual ratings last season," the insider notes.

"But after the finale brought in big numbers for them," the source continues.

The insider explains: "They knew that season 10 would likely be happening."

Ami Brown and Billy Brown GIF

We don't yet know next season's specific storylines, or how much the family's actual lives are going to make it onto television.

But behind the scenes, things aren't doing so well for the Browns.

Oh, their careers are better than ever and their finances are enough that Billy bought their 435 acre property without selling their Beverly Hills mansion.

But in terms of actual family dynamics?

It sounds like things are deeply complicated.

Matt Brown Sees the Ocean

At the moment, Matt Brown -- who has made great strides in his sobriety journey -- is avoiding his parents at all costs.

He's currently living in southern California with his girlfriend.

Reports say that he has zero inclination to go spend time with his family at the moment, and not just because he has a girlfriend.

And then there's Rain, who is 16 years old and the youngest of Billy and Ami's children.

Rain is a teenager and absolutely fatigued with being stuck at home.

Reports say that she's clashing with her sister, Bird, and that she looks forward to adulthood so that she can get some breathing room.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose

Speaking of Rain, her best friend, Raquell Rose, is now part of the family.

But a report claims that her marriage to Gabe Brown was more of a shotgun wedding, at the insistence of Billy.

We cannot confirm if that is true, but if so, it would mean that Raquell was pregnant at the time.

Then there's Bam Bam, who apparently resents his family for their alleged treatment of his own lady love.

What can we say? Family is complicated.

Alaskan Bush People Christmas

But the Brown family hopes that this new season could get people talking again and possibly help make things right.

"Billy and Ami are confident that everyone will settle their differences," the source reports.

"And," the insider adds, they hope that their kids will "come together as a family once they see some figures."

Nothing makes semi-estranged siblings talk again like money, we suppose.

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