Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Endangering Her Son's Life!

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Sometimes it seems that not a week goes without Jessa Duggar getting mom-shamed.

Don't get us wrong, there have been many cases in which the criticism was justified.

Go Team!!

Take, for example, the time Jessa made her toddlers walk several miles for Chick-Fil-A.

On the other hand, there are instances like the one in which Jessa was slammed for living too close to a freeway and allegedly endangering her children's lives as a result.

In that situation, we were inclined to side with Jessa.

We'll leave it up to you to determine which category this latest controversy falls into.

Earlier this week, Jessa posted a video in which she gives her 1-year-old son Henry his very first haircut.

"Henry’s first haircut! Ha!" Jessa captioned the clip.

"So hard to keep a toddler sitting still for 15 min, but with daddy’s help, plenty of snacks, and a cartoon with brother, we managed to pull it off.

For the most part, the comments were positive, but a surprising number of fans were critical of Jessa's technique.

Jessa Duggar, Child

"Always cut on top of your fingers, not below," wrote one fan.

"You risk cutting yourself or your client (or child) if you go below. Your fingers should always be between the scissors and the scalp."

"I've never seen somebody cut hair like that," remarked another.

"I always cut from off the top of the fingers."

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes

A third commenter not-so-subtly suggested that Jessa might not be up to the task of cutting her kids' hair:

"Sometimes it's good to pay a professional," the fan wrote.

"With proper training."

Generally, the Duggars don't respond to criticism from fans, but this situation must have really gotten under Jessa's skin, because she promptly clapped back.

Jessa Photo

"I always cut on top of my finger unless they're not wearing a cape," she replied.

"With longer cuts on babies and toddler's hair, I cut under my fingers instead so that I'm holding onto all the cut hair and can drop it straight into the trash.

"Way less mess," Jessa added.

"And yes, I'm super careful."

Jessa Counting On Screen Grab

So is she prioritizing cleanliness over her child's safety?

We suppose it's no surprise that Jessa is taking this situation so personally.

From homeschooling to growing their own vegetables, the Duggars pride themselves on their DIY work ethic.

If Jessa is incapable of cutting her kids' hair ... what does that say about her ability to educate them?

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