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Even though Jordyn Woods recently affirmed her love for Kylie Jenner, she was shunned by the Kardashians.

Tristan’s cheating scandal cost her more than just her home and aspects of her business — it cost her a lot of dignity.

Jordyn has revealed that she experienced bullying on a massive scale.

Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk
Photo via Facebook

On Sunday, April 21, Jordyn Woods spoke at the Homecoming Festival in Nigeria.

"My little sister is bullied in school," Jordyn admitted.

Her words were captured and relayed, admittedly without full context, by members of the audience.

"And I wanted to show her that …" Jordyn continued.

She expressed: "I was bullied by the world."

Jordyn Woods in a Bathing Suit
Photo via Instagram

Though she did not seem to get into detail, we can all read between the lines.

Jordyn was called a homewrecker and a skank after Tristan Thompson’s latest and final cheating scandal.

She also spoke about "what it is like being a black woman [in] society."

"And," she said. "How we can be so disrespected."

"And nobody can really understand that extent until you have to live it," she shared.

She’s right.

On issues of both race and gender, black women women are marginalized and degraded. it is horrifying and shameful.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great
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Jordyn isn’t the only one who has been suffering.

"Kylie still isn’t over the situation," an insider recently told Us Weekly.

The source noted that "Jordyn was like a sister to her."

It’s one thing to have a falling out with your friend.

it’s heartbreaking but it can happen.

It’s another thing to lose your bestie, who was like family, because your actual flesh-and-blood sister is having a very public temper tantrum.

Jordyn Woods with Short Hair
Photo via Instagram

Of course, Jordyn recently affirmed that she will "always" love Kylie.

She probably has misgivings over being ousted because Khloe wanted a "safe" target to blame.

In that same interview, Jordyn hinted that what had once been vicious bullying on a massive scale had become something else.

Jordyn expressed that having the "whole world’s support is amazing."

We’re guessing that her appearance on Jada Pinkett Smiths’ Red Table Talk was a major help in helping the public see her perspective.

Jordyn Woods Holds Stormi Webster
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Jordyn was like a sister to Kylie.

By extension, she was like an aunt to baby Stormi.

It is heartbreaking to imagine Stormi, who is one year old and probably able to notice when someone goes missing from her life, grappling with this.

An uninvited kiss by Tristan Thompson didn’t just break Khloe’s heart all over again.

It destroyed part of another family.

But maybe not forever. …

Spill, Jordyn. SPILL!
Photo via Instagram

Reports have been hinting that Kylie and Jordyn won’t stay apart forever.

Kylie and Jordyn both felt hurt and grieved their friendship when Jordyn had to pack her things and leave.

But the hope is that the two of them will be able to, one day, rekindle their friendship.

Our guess is that it’ll take Khloe giving her blessing, but maybe Kylie won’t ask for permission.

The Kardashians are a rare sort of family — most of us cannot imagine ending a close friendship because our sibling was mad.

But Kylie is a dang billionaire. She doesn’t need to let any clowns tell her how to live her life.