Grey's Anatomy Recap: Does DeLuca Want Kids?

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Meredith may be back in the world of dating, but she was still keeping a secret of epic proportions. 

Her kids had no idea she was dating DeLuca, and it all came crashing down on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

DeLuca ran into Zola in the middle of the night at Meredith's, and it made the surgeon realize she needed to come clean.

DeLuca With a Child

Meredith's biggest concern, however, was that her new man was not fond of children. In true DeLuca fashion, he said he did.

He went as far as saying the kids might end up liking him more than her. Meredith was confused, primarily because she fretted her kids did not take the news well. 

“All you have to do is show up, make it clear what’s happening, answer her questions,” Bailey said to Meredith at the hospital.

“All she wants to know is that you’re not going anywhere no matter what.”

Meredith Studies a New Surgery

The kids took the news well. Neither of them complained about it, so that was a good start.

“He may be coming around a lot more, but I’m not going anywhere,” she told them. “You’re stuck with me.”

Elsewhere, Jo made her grand return to work, but everyone realized there was something off with her.

Alex grew concerned that he and Jo were about to break off. If they can't confide in each other, then what can they do?

Jo Searches for Answers

“She isn’t Izzie. She isn’t Ava or Lexie. She isn’t your mother. She’s not broken, and neither are you,” Meredith told her friend.

“She’s going through something, and she’s been through worse and come through on the other side fine. She just isn’t ready to talk about it yet.”  

Jo tried to hide out from everyone but grew excited when Jackson wanted her to work with him ... until Jackson realized Jo was drunk and had a water bottle filled with vodka.

Yikes, right?

Alex realized he needed to put his foot down, and said that she needed to talk to him about things.

“I will talk to you when I’m ready to talk to you, and if you ever threaten to go to Pittsburgh again, I will leave you. Are you clear?” Jo said.

Alex Lays Down the Law

“If you ever come to work drunk again, I’ll tell Bailey,” Alex replied.

“Great,” Jo said. “We have a deal.”

This does not bode well for this marriage, you guys.

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Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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