Florida Man Goes Shirtless, Gets Arrested for Sloppy Pasta Eating

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A Florida man has been arrested for giving Olive Garden patrons far more than they paid for this past Sunday in Naples.

The diners simply wanted to chow down on some never-ending breadsticks, not be subjugated the never-ending annoyance of some inebriated fool.

Allow us to explain...

Ben Padgett

According to a police report from the Naples Police Department, officers were dispatched to one of these restaurants around 3:30 p.m. on April 14 due to an alleged disturbance in the vicinity.

The 911 caller claimed that there was a man outside the establishment, asking customers for money and screaming out a series of expletives.

When the authorites arrived, they came across a shirtless man sitting outside on a bench, shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his bare hands.

It's unclear at this time whether it was covered in marinara sauce or some other topping.

Identified as Ben Padgett, this individual smelled like alcohol and was acting in an inappropriate manner, the official report states.

A restaurant employee named Ronald Worst also told police that Padgett threatened him and asked him “whether he had male or female sex organs.”

o. garden

Worst went on to say that Padgett was coming in and out of the restaurant, badgering those around him.

"I could beat your ass," he supposedly yelled at Worst for some reason.

Once they arrived on the scene, police officers asked Padgett what he was doing outside on the bench.

According to the arrest report, he would not stop “muttering obscenities” and was eventually placed under arrest for disorderly intoxication.

Prior to being placed in handcuffs, Padgett was given paper towels by the cops, so that he could clean the pasta off of his face.

Despite this kind gesture, Padgett wasn't done acting like a total and complete maniac.

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While in the back of the patrol cruiser, the suspect started to twist his body violently, kicking his legs and smashing his head against the metal cage partition, causing his forehead to bleed.

As a result, the drunk 32-year-old was treated at a nearby hospital before being transferred to the Naples Jail Center.

Padgett was also charged with resisting an officer without violence and released on $2,000 bond.

While story does sound kooky, we guess Padgett should just be grateful that he didn't cut off his own penis.

In actuality, this tale sort of pales in comparison to the following Florida Man arrests:

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