Hailey Baldwin Praises Justin Bieber: I'm So Proud!

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Last week, Justin Bieber penned a super romantic poem to his beautiful wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Now, it's Hailey's turn to openly gush about her love.

Hailey's praise coincides with a new photo of the Biebs after he finally, for the first time in their marriage, got a decent haircut.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Little Slice of Heaven

"My love," Hailey's romantic Instagram post begins.

She writes what we're sure is meant to be a string of three heart eyes emojis, but is a disappointed face followed by two heart eyes emojis.

"You are an incredible man," she praises.

Hailay adds: "You make me a better human being,"

"You make me happier than I’ve ever been," she raves.

Justin Bieber Got a Haircut

Here is the accompanying photo.

We're not (okay, I'm not) normally the biggest advocate of short haircuts on men, as they're hugely overdone, but this is an exception.

Definitely an improvement over some of the Biebs' other looks during the past year. He no longer resembles a Swamp Person.

"Insanely proud of who you are," Hailey proclaims.

"And," she adds, she's a tremendous fan of "who you’re becoming."

Hailey concludes: "I love you more every single day."

Hailey Baldwin Poses for Maxim

Last week, Justin penneda  moving, heartfelt poem to honor his stunning wife.

After that poem, he switched to prose to heap praises upon her.

"Things all around us Just get better with time," Justin wrote.

Notably, they've only been married for, what, half a year?

They're arguably very much in the honeymoon phase of their marriage, which is very sweet.

Justin gushed: "I fall more in love with you every day!"

Justin Bieber in Vogue

"You have walked hand and hand with me," Justin noted.

She's put up with a lot of his shenanigans over the years.

Justin wrote that Hailey has been by his side "as I continue to get my emotions, mind, body, and soul [intact]!"

That takes a remarkable amount of patience and loyalty.

"You have given me so much strength, support , encouragement, and joy," Justin raved.

Hailey Baldwin Slays in Silver

"I just wanted to publicly honor you," Justin expressed.

In the wise, wise words of Kim Kardashian: it's what she deserves.

"And," he continued, he wanted to be sure to "remind you that the best is yet to come!"

That is very sweet. For both of their sakes, we hope that this is true.

Justin concluded his precious message: "Have a great shoot today my love!"

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin on Vogue

Justin and Hailey's romance is complicated.

The two rekindled their love last summer ... just a short time after Justin had split with his other most famous ex, Selena Gomez.

Within a matter of weeks, Justin proposed to Hailey in public, in front of a crowd of excited fans. She said "yes."

There were a lot of folks (okay, me) who didn't think that they would make it to the altar. They had dated before. They had baggage.

But these two hotties have managed to power on past every obstacle in their path and tie the knot.

Clearly, they're head over heels for each other. We wish them both a (continued) world of happiness.

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