Amy Roloff: Chris Marek is Part of My Family Now!

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Even though so-called "fans" of Little People, Big World have slammed Chris Marek as a 'creep," Amy Roloff is including him in family gatherings.

In a series of recent photos, Chris shows up by her side among her children and grandchildren.

As you see how cozy he looks with the Roloff family, you start to realize that he's just become part of the group. Take a look:

Amy Roloff at Huge Family Gathering

Amy shared this first photo, featuring Jeremy, Audrey, Ember, Tori, Zach, Amy, Jackson, and Chris.

"This makes my heart so happy," Amy gushes in the caption to this pic.

Amy expresses: "I love my family!"

"And," she notes. "I love when Chris is with me."

It's like she had to take a moment to remind herself that Chris isn't her husband.

After going on so many trips together and spending so much time together, being together comes so naturally to them.

Amy Roloff Thanksgiving Spread

"Of course," Amy notes. "When I have them over I make dinner..."

Then, like an action movie star, Amy casually reminds her followers: "it’s what I do."

Amy has a food business, as her followers are extremely well aware.

She shares that she made "Shepherds Pie, salad, and a Bundt cake with orange marmalade roasted walnut swirl."

Great, now we're hungry.

"Extra bonus," Amy added. "Jackson and Ember loved it."

Amy describes the experience as full of "Life little moments I cherish!"

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Visit Zach and Tori and Jackson

Just a short time earlier, Amy shared a photo o fher -- with Chris by her side -- along with Tori, Zach, and baby jackson.

"What a fun night Chris and I had going over to Zach’s, Tori's, and Jackson's house" Amy's caption begins.

Amy details that she and Chris paid a visit "for dinner."

Additionally, she reveals that they had a blast "playing w/ Jackson."

"And," she adds. "A couple of games of splendor."

Amy Roloff on a Cloudy Afternoon

Amy expressed her overwhelming joy and affection for her family.

"This Mom’s heart is always filled with so much love," she writes.

She explains that she is overcome with happiness "being with my kids and my grandson."

"So proud of them," she concludes.

Interesting that, in that caption, she didn't mention Chris even though he was visibly there.

Maybe she was trying to avoid hateful backlash that she receives when she mentions him?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek by the Fire Pit

Amy shared yet another photo, this time just of her and Chris.

In the image, the pair are snuggled up on a bench near a fire pit.

"We don’t get to do this much..." Amy's caption begins.

She clarifies that she means "hang out by the fire pit together and for a brief time w/ my kids."

"I love a ‘camp fire’..." Amy expresses, noting that there is "just something about it."

Amy Roloff is Gorgeous

Actually, Amy corrects, she says that there are "really lots of things..."

Amy is "thrilled that all my kids like a fire."

Now that they're adults, anyway.

"And," she observes. "It means something different to each of them."

Notably, Jeremy and Audrey named their daughter Ember.

Speaking of the significance of fire in her own life, Amy writes: "It’s a beautiful way to gather."

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