Amy Roloff Birthday Photo Montage: I Feel So Loved!

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Amy Roloff often ends her Instagram captions with the hashtag #AmysSecondAct.

She's referring to her life post-divorce with that message, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the series of photos Amy shared in the wake of her 54th birthday.

Celebrating the occasion with family members and loved ones, Amy clearly has a blast.

She's living her best life at the moment, as evidenced by the following message she wrote to accompany this montage:

What a wonderful birthday day I had yesterday spending time and celebrating with lots of love with my kids, Chris and friends! Thank you for thinking of me and sending all the thoughtful birthday wishes. I was blessed and felt loved. #mybirthday #celebrating #familyandfriends #loved #thankyou #thankfulandblessed

Help the Little People, Big World star celebrate her big day via the following collection of precious images...

1. Celebrating Amy

Celebrating Amy
Look who came out for Amy Roloff's birthday party! Her son, her soon-to-be daughter-in-law and her boyfriend!

2. I'm 54 Now!

I'm 54 Now!
Amy Roloff blows out her candles here in celebration of her 54th birthday. Hooray for the Little People, Big World star!

3. An Impressive Gathering

An Impressive Gathering
Amy most certainly did not get stuck alone for her birthday. Look at this loving contingent that came out for her big day!

4. Such a Lucky Grandma

Such a Lucky Grandma
Does it get any better than this? Amy got to spend her birthday with her grandkids, Jackson and Ember.

5. Love You, Amy!

Love You, Amy!
Isabel Rock was happily in attendance to share her love for her future mother-in-law at Amy's party.

6. Out with Some Friends

Out with Some Friends
Before getting together with her family members, Amy had lunch with some of her very best friends.

7. With a Pal

With a Pal
We often see Amy posing with her relatives, but she shared this close-up with a close pal as part of her birthday montage.

8. With Another Friend

With Another Friend
Amy Roloff is a fortunate woman. She got to celebrate her 54th birthday with, like 54 friends and close family members.

9. Just Her and the Ladies

Just Her and the Ladies
It's Amy! And Isabel! And Ember! And Tori! And Audrey! What a great photo!

10. Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!
Molly and Amy Roloff share the same birthday! And they toasted to each other on the occasion in 2018.

11. Life is Good!

Life is Good!
Wrote Amy as a caption to this one: My birthday month keeps being wonderful. Another ‘Date’ night w/ this awesome guy. Went to one of our favorite restaurants, Thai food, downtown Hillsboro and then a local play. Life is good!

12. Look Who Else Sent Birthday Wishes!

Look Who Else Sent Birthday Wishes!
Ex-husband Matt even chimed in, sharing this image and writing as a caption: A very Happy Birthday to both Amy and Molly who share the exact same big day. I hope you both have a wonderful amazing Day!! Happy Birthday to you both.

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