Staci Felker: Ex-Wife of Miranda Lambert's Side-Piece Speaks Out on Quickie Wedding!

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It's been hard to keep track of Miranda Lambert's love life in the years since her divorce from Blake Shelton.

Fortunately, Miranda's a country singer, so all these boozy breakups and cheatin' hearts have provided plenty of lyrical fodder.

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

Last month, Miranda married Brendan McLoughlin, a New York City cop with the world's most New York City cop name (and a bit of a sketchy past, but more on that later).

Of course, Miranda had to kiss a few frogs to find her prince.

After her high-profile split from Shelton, Lambert dated Anderson East.

Miranda Lambert Kisses Anderson East

The requisite marriage rumors flew fast and furious, but the couple parted ways under mysterious circumstances.

Shortly thereafter, Miranda hooked up with Evan Felker, and the relationship might have had potential -- were it not for the pesky detail that Evan was married.

During the time of that brief affair, Evan's wife, Staci Felker, became something of a social media folk hero thanks to her snarky, surprisingly humorous commentary on her husband's philandering.

Staci Felker

So naturally, many fans were eager for Staci's reaction to Miranda's surprising wedding.

To the chagrin of many, Felker took the high road and refrained from commenting for several weeks.

On Thursday, however, a fan asked her opinion point-blank during an Instagram Q&A.

Staci Felker on a Horse

Though she refrained from throwing any shade Lambert's way -- which is probably what her followers were hoping for -- Felker delivered some of the trademark wit that made her Insta-famous last year.

“How are you able to hold your tongue on ‘you know who’s’ quickie wedding!!!!”

“I have had a year’s training of holding my tongue,” Staci noted.

Staci Felker Looks in the Mirror

“I did think the dress was really pretty and I wish she would call me and tell me how it was so easy for her to get over my ex because it hasn’t been so easy for me.”

Not the tea spillage that fans were hoping for, but the kind of clever commentary we've all come to expect.

Perhaps Staci even feels a twinge of sympathy for Lambert, considering the reports that McLoughlin cheated on his previous fiancee and welcomed a child by his mistress just weeks before getting hitched to Miranda.

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

But we're sure Lambert is doing just fine.

And as she stated in a recent interview, Miranda uses all this romantic tumult as inspiration.

“Love is a hard road sometimes and it’s been a roller-coaster ride for me, but I’m definitely thankful for all the ups and downs because I’ve had some really good songs come out of it,” she told The Tennessean.

Brendan Mcloughlin

“You’ve got to take the bad parts and put them on paper and then move on to the happy parts.”

There might be no greater expert on spinning heartbreak into art than Miranda.

That said, we wish her and Brendan all the best in their marriage.

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