Brendan McLoughlin Cheated on Fiancee, Knocked Up Mistress: Report

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Brendan McLoughlin is probably very happy that he's now married to Miranda Lambert.

But the heretofore unknown police officer is probably less than thrilled that his newfound fame has opened up his closet to the public...

... especially when that closest is allegedly filled with a pretty huge skeleton.

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

McLoughlin has found himself all over the news of late because Lambert stunned Instagram followers on Sunday when she announced that she actually married this random person.

The country superstar has never once uttered his name prior to this revealing post, but then shared two photos from her wedding day over the weekend and wrote as a caption to them both:

In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. 

Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for.... me.

Follow-up reports have since confirmed that Lambert and McLoughlin got married on January 26 in Tennessee.

Brendan Mcloughlin

With the Internet scrambling to learn as much as possible about this Brendan McLoughlin fella, the following has been reported:

1. McLoughlin is police officer from New York.

2. McLoughlin once created a profile on a modeling website, hoping to use turn his attractive appearance into an occupation.

3. McLoughlin is an avid runner.

4. McLoughlin is a father of a baby only just born this past November.

And it's this final fact that is now the subject of controversy.

Miranda Lambert at CMAs

According to Us Weekly, McLoughlin was engaged to someone named Jackie Bruno last year -- only to not only cheat on her, but to get the woman with whom he cheated PREGNANT.

The tabloid quotes Jackie's mother, Carol, is relaying this story to its readers.

“She was engaged to Brendan and he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant,” Carol told Us. “It’s all true.”

If this allegation is valid, then the child born just three months ago to McLoughlin belongs to his mistress, which would explain why he was able to move on so quickly to Lambert.

Radar Online has alleged that Lambert and McLoughlin met a mere three days before the latter became a father.

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

They crossed paths in early November when Lambert was in town to play a song on Good Morning America and McLoughlin was assigned to the South Midtown Precinct in The Big Apple at the time.

Less than a week later, Kaihla Rettinger reportedly gave birth to her and Brendan's baby, a boy named Landon.

The cop reportedly posted a since-deleted photo, where he’s cradling his newborn and next to which he wrote:

“Blessed to have a healthy son. Welcome my boy, Landon James McLoughlin 11/5/18."

Miranda Lambert on Guitar

Carol tells Us Weekly that her daughter was "thrown for a loop" and had "no clue" McLoughlin was cheating on her.

She also says it was actually Rettinger who told Jackie of her pregnancy.

“The girl contacted her. Jackie was in Sweden playing professional soccer, got injured and came home and the girl contacted her. She broke the news to her..

"[Brendan] tried to deny it and then begged her to stay with him.

"She was only going for a few months to play, he was begging her to marry him before she left, even though he knew the girl was pregnant."

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

Lambert, of course, ended her four-year marriage to Blake Shelton in 2015.

She reportedly did not tell him of her plans to marry again last month, not that she was under any obligation to do so.

In between these weddings, Lambert dated Evan Felker... who happened to be married when he got together with the artist.

It sure sounds like Miranda Lambert is drawn to drama, doesn't it?

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