Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: Is It Over?

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Just a few months ago, Miranda Lambert was happily dating Anderson East and throwing shade at Blake Shelton at the CMAs.

Now, however, she and Anderson have reportedly split. And it looks like he's the one throwing shade at her

Are they writing diss tracks against each other?

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert Pic

A few years back, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton famously split. It was not amicable.

Blake Shelton found himself in the arms of the famous and talented Gwen Stefani.

And Miranda Lambert soon found herself a younger boyfriend from within the Country Music community -- Anderson East.

The two have been dating for more than two years. Word had it that they were considering getting engaged and might even elope.

Now, however, a report claims that the couple has broken up.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert Kiss Outdoors

According to InTouch Weekly, Anderson East and Miranda Lambert "grew apart" while on their separate tours.

Though apparently they both felt the distance, it was reportedly Anderson East who actually decided to end things.

It seems that this news came as a shock to Miranda, who had perhaps assumed that they would repair their distance with some time together.

"She didn't see it coming," claims InTouch's insider.

Beyond that, there's been some speculation that Anderson East may have used Miranda for fame.

"Dating Miranda took him to the top of the musical A-list," their insider claims.

Clearly, of course, that refers to Country music as a genre rather than all music, as Anderson East still remains largely unknown in most mainstream music circles.

Miranda Lambert Kisses Anderson East

Whether or not someone was using someone else to advance their career is speculation, however -- the boost may have just been a byproduct of a genuine romance.

Miranda, however, is expected to bounce back.

InTouch's source talks about what she has planned, and it's ... well, work.

"She's been writing songs and she'll join The Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town in July."

Which means that Miranda won't really be taking time off to recover emotionally.

"She refuses to sit around feeling sorry for herself."

Anderson East: Recording Session

As for Anderson East, well, he recently shared a GQ photo that featured his bandmates, but it was his caption that got attention.

"Watch out. Thanks @gqstyle for the shoot."

While no on thinks that Watch Out is intended as a traditional threat towards Miranda or anyone else so much as a vague musical promise of more to come ... we're talking about a singer, here.

He's very likely to write songs about Miranda Lambert and their relationship.

And, of course, about their breakup.

Will his diss track lyrics finally shed more concrete light on their split than what we already know?


But Miranda can play at that game, too. They both should be careful.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert: 51st Academy of Country Music Awards

Some may speculate that part of the problem is that Miranda Lambert still isn't over Blake Shelton.

But that couple's split was bitter, and Blake effectively won over the Country community in the process.

While that didn't quite ruin Miranda's life, it didn't do her any favors, either.

Many find it hard to picture the two exes reuniting.

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East, however, are much easier for people for people to picture reconciling.

Their alleged breakup isn't even confirmed yet -- they could always get back together and pretend that they never split in the first place.

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