Shenandoah Williams: Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Star Posts INSANE Anti-Vax Rant

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Shenandoah "Shen" Williams made a splash on Young and Pregnant, and she has continued to speak her mind on social media.

There is more to her than being Bariki's mom or feuding with Ashley. Unfortunately, not all of it is good.

In a ranting post filled to the brim with wild conspiracy theories, Shen is screaming her anti-vax views to the heavens.

Shenandoah Williams Selfie

On her private Instagram, Shenandoah posted a lengthy status, railing against vaccinations and against policies designed to curb outbreaks.

"OK," Shen begins. "So New York won’t let non-vaccinated kids in public after measles outbreak.”

That new policy has been widely applauded because of how many children it will protect.

“But once you get vaccinated," she asks. "Are you not protected?"

Shen goes on to declare that the entire vaccination situation is "bulls--t."

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"They are so stupid," Shen accuses.

She then explains why she thinks that potential plaguebearers should be allowed to mingle with other children.

"If vaccines protect you," she suggests. "You should not have to worry about being infected right?"

She then takes things in a much wilder direction, and gives voice to some real nonsense.

Shen writes that she suspects that the "government is killing us."

Shenandoah Williams

Shen then lists a startling example to illustrate her conspiracy theory.

"Like this HIV vaccine," Shen suggests.

We'll share our guess as to what she means, but ... unless we missed some major medical news, there is no confirmed HIV vaccine in existence.

"You have to wear condoms," she says, adding: "Get tested every three months and still be at risk."

"So," Shen asks her fans and followers. "What do you think they are actually putting in us and our children?"

Oh boy.

Shenandoah Williams Wears Salmon

"So now," Shen expresses. "If we don’t put poison in our kids bodies."

Point of fact: the government actively discourages putting poison in a child's body. There are even laws about it!

But Shen clarifies that, when she refers to "poison," she is referring to "vaccines that don’t work anyway."

(No part of that is true)

"Our kids can’t be treated like the others," Shen laments.

Shenandoah Williams in the Snow

"WTF are they really putting in us if the s--t don’t work?" she asks.

Shen then asks: "Why get vaccines if you are still at risk?"

"S–t don’t make sense to me," she confesses.

Notably, she could have googled those two questions and saved herself some embarrassment.

Finally, Shenandoah tweets the tag: "#populationcontrol."

That was a wild ride from start to finish.

vaccine meme

To quickly address Shenandoah's wild misunderstandings.

First of all, not everyone can be vaccinated. Some people have allergies or compromised immune systems.

These individuals rely upon herd immunity.

That is, if they never come into contact with anyone who could even cary an illness, they cannot contract it.

Often, these children are kids who are undergoing chemo for childhood cancer, or who have just beaten cancer.

It's a pretty sick twist for a kid to survive brutal cancer and then catch and potentially die of a totally preventable disease.

But it has happened, even recently, because of outbreaks caused by anti-vaxxers.

vaccine joke tweet

When she refers to an HIV vaccine -- a thing that the entire world would celebrate if it existed -- she may mean PrEP.

That is an antiviral that, if taken regularly, can significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

While that is an ideal medicine for people who are at risk for HIV, there have been a couple of people who have contracted HIV anyway.

it is, and we cannot emphasize this enough, not a vaccine. Vitamin C is not a vaccine against colds. Neither can be cited to "prove" that vaccines don't work.

Finally, her population "control" theory doesn't fly. People in many countries have declining birthrates because of economic, environmental, and social factors.

No part of her bonkers rant holds any water. Maybe Shen should go back to accentuating her butt when she poses in pictures.

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