Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Reacts to Sammi's Engagement: How Does He Truly Feel?

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Back when we learned that Sammi Giancola was engaged to Christian Biscardi, we have one thought:

Oh, God, no one tell Ronnie Ortiz-Magro!

The veteran Jersey Shore star, after all, had dated Sammi for many years and expressed regret that his cheating and overall dickish behavior ended their relationship way back in the day... after the original version of this MTV reality show went off the air.

Ronnie and Sammi Giancola

Welp, someone has apparently gone ahead and shared the news with Ronnie, according to Hollywood Life.

Did the often-drunk and temper-filled cast member flip out at the news?

Did he smash some bottles and drink himself into a stupor?

Thankfully and surprisingly... no, a source tells this website.

“Ronnie is happy for Sam’s engagement and no longer has any hard feelings that she’s completely moved on,” the insider says, explaining in more detail:

“Despite Ronnie thinking in the past that he was going to be the one to get down on one knee and propose to Sammi, he has moved on and just wants her to be happy.

"Ronnie wishes Sammi nothing but the best and is glad she found someone who treats her how she deserves to be treated.”

Sammi Sweetheart Engagement Pic

This totally sounds like how people talk and how Ronnie would respond to the development.

The same source notes that, despite Ronnie being cool with his ex planning her life with another man, he doesn't plan on actually contacting Sammi about it.

Ronnie “doesn’t have any plans on reaching out to congratulate Sammi or wish her well on getting married because he doesn’t want to take away from one of the biggest moments in her life," Hollywood Life writes.

Ronnie and Sammi dated, off and on, for about five years, from 2009 through 2014.

On the premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, he told his castmates that they actually moved in together for a bit -- but that he then cheated on her because he couldn't handle the pressure of eventually getting married.

And also because cheating is sort of what Ronnie often does in relationships.

Ronnie Gets Deep

Sammi and Christian, meanwhile, got engaged on March 4, with the latter sharring the news with her Instagram followers and even posting a picture from the romantic proposal itself.

“I’m completely overwhelmed with happiness,” she wrote at the time, adding:

"Yesterday was the best day of my life! I get to marry my other half, best friend and soulmate. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you @_biscardi I love you!!"

Ronnie, for his part, has been in a contentious relationship with Jen Harley.

We're not even sure if the two are togetehr at the moment, but they definitely have a daughter together and a whole lot of emotional and physical wounds from their time as a couple.

Ronnie on Insta

But Ronnie is clearly trying to make some changes.

He recently left rehab and has admitted to being an alcoholic who battles Depression.

"I just had to surrender and say, ‘I don’t have control over this.’ I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know what to do," Ronnie has said about why he checked in to this facility.

“I couldn’t live hurting myself, basically having my daughter grow up and it’s eventually going to hurt her,” Ortiz-Magro added to Us Weekly.

"I was in a place of depression, and with depression I turned to alcohol."

Pretty revealing, right?

Check out more excerpts from this interview here:

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