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Each new report of another R. Kelly sex tape is more chilling and sickening than the last.

Now, there’s a new tape, in which a man resembling Kelly is said to be barking orders at various underage girls.

The disgraced rapper’s attorney says that his client can’t possibly be on the tape — and suggests that his accusers should go to prison.

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TMZ reports that famed attorney Gloria Allred’s client, a man named Gary Dennis, turned over an R. Kelly sex tape to the police.

Gary has a wild story of how it allegedly came into possession.

He says that he was going through his old VHS collection (something that very few people have these days).

He allegedly found a tape that he believed to be a sports tape that, for some reason, had R. Kelly’s name on it.

It sounds like the tape begins with sports, but then becomes a sex tape — allegedly featuring the disgraced rapper.

According to Gary, Kelly is seen engaging in sex with more than one black girl. The girls appear, he says, to be underage.

R. Kelly Gets Interviewed
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We have all heard the horrible, haunting details of Kelly’s alleged sex tapes, both from years ago and those uncovered just this year.

Gary Dennis spares the world of many of those details.

He does note that the tape shows R. Kelly appearing to be in charge of the camera and of the girls.

The girls perform actions and say things at his instruction, Gary says.

He cannot speak to the ages of the alleged victims, but says that the girls appeared to be underdeveloped.

The man is said to bear a strong resemblance to Kelly.

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The tape appears to have been produced during the 1990s.

The location at which it was filmed, in addition to the identities of the alleged victims featured, remains unknown.

Prosecutors, experts, and the court may have to decide upon the tape’s authenticity.

The tape was turned over to law enforcement officials from U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

While many people question how someone could suddenly discover something so horrific, turning it in to police is the correct action to take.

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Steve Greenberg, attorney for R. Kelly, insists that this tape can’t possibly depict his client.

"R. Kelly denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls," Greenberg says.

"The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R Kelly," he says.

"That doesn’t make it him," Greenberg notes. "It is not him."

"Are they going to be prosecuted?" he asks of Kelly’s accusers and of those who have turned over tapes. "It is obviously now just open season on R. Kelly."

Notably, open season is a considerable stretch. It is not currently legal to hunt or shoot R. Kelly.

"It is irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of every Tom, Dick and Harry, and report it as if it is fact," Greenberg says.

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Gloria Allred followed up with a statement to TMZ.

"R.Kelly appears to take the position that all the women who have made public accusations that he has victimized them are lying," she begins.

She continues: "and that there are no tapes which depict him victimizing under age girls."

"Mr. Kelly attempts to portray himself as the victim instead of a sexual predator," she observes.

"But many of the women with whom he has had contact accuse him of being a predator," she notes. "Because they allege that he has victimized them."

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"In addition, there is no reason to believe that Mr. Dennis has done anything wrong or that he will be prosecuted," Allred says.

"The response by Mr. Kelly’s representative appears to be just a scare tactic," she points out.

Its purpose, Allred explains, is "to deter individuals who may have similar tapes from coming forward to provide them to me or law enforcement."

We don’t want to think about how someone would come into possession of a sex tape featuring a celebrity with underage victims.

We would of course hope that anyone finding one would get an attorney and surrender the tape to police and prosecutors.