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On Monday, R. Kelly’s prosecutors obtained a second sex tape that was said to be even worse than the first.

In addition to the sex acts performed, some of the dialogue allegedly spoken by R. Kelly was particularly heinous.

Excerpts that have now been released reveal the rapper’s vile words towards the 14-year-old victim.

R. Kelly Smoking
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Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti is currently representing seven clients in relation to R. Kelly.

Among them are three parents, two alleged victims, and two described “whistleblowers.”

That final category is comprised of longtime associates or employees of Kelly who remained loyal to him for too long, but finally had enough.

Through some of these clients, Avenatti has now obtained two separate R. Kelly sex tapes which allegedly show the rapper committing statutory rape.

Kelly was arrested last week on charges believed to be related to the first of those tapes.

But the second tape, featuring the same 14-year-old girl, is even worse.

On Tuesday, Michael Avenatti tweeted excerpts from a transcript of the video that he turned over to prosecutors.

“In response to press inquires, below is further information regarding the videotape we provided yesterday to prosecutors,” he tweeted.

Avenatti wrote: “It leaves no doubt as to R. Kelly’s guilt as to these serious sex crimes against underage girls.”

The excerpts involve references to the girl in question’s body parts and direct reference to her age.

Please note: the language involved is both of a strong sexual nature and, because of the age of the victim, deeply upsetting.

Michael Avenatti tweet R. Kelly upsetting sex tape transcript

Read these excerpts at your own risk:

“Give me that 14-year-old p–sy,” R. Kelly allegedly demands during the horrific sex tape.

At another point, Kelly allegedly rephrases: “Show daddy that 14-year-old p–sy.”

“Spread those legs,” the tape’s audio instructs. “And show me that 14-year-old p–sy.”

And finally: “Give me that 14-year-old booty hole.”

R. Kelly Sucks
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There’s an obvious question on everyone’s minds: why would he seemingly incriminate himself during the tape?

Stating her age — or the age of her sex organs — repeatedly would wipe away any plausible deniability later on.

(Also, most people don’t talk about their partner’s age during sex for a whole host of reasons)

The only answer that makes sense would be … if R. Kelly fetishizes 14-year-olds and other underage girls.

Discussing their age, with how small the number is and how illegal it is, may have been a turn-on, and even a vital part of his enjoyment.

It seems that he was confident that his fame and wealth would ensure that he would never get caught.

R. Kelly Without Glasses
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Like Nixon before him, it looks like R. Kelly allowed incriminating records to exist because he felt that he was untouchable.

As his arrest last Friday demonstrated, he is entirely touchable by the justice system.

But he celebrated his newfound freedom with a trip to McDonald’s, where he was celebrated by fans.

(He allegedly posed for photos with underage fans, which if true would be a parole violation)

So the question remains: is R. Kelly still so popular, after everything that we know, that a jury will acquit him?

Or will the absolute horrors of his alleged crimes sway a jury that, thanks to #MeToo, knows what rich and powerful men really get up to?