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Though 90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield has admitted that motherhood can be difficult, she’s embracing her role.

She and Russ love showing off precious baby Axel.

And now, the three-month-old has his very own Instagram account. Take a look!

Paola Mayfield Cradles Baby Axel Mayfield
Photo via Instagram

"Hola hola!" Axel’s very first post on his own account begins.

The caption continues: "Welcome to my little world."

The three-month-old’s Instagram account profile reads:

"I’m Axel and I’m new to this world!," it begins.

In case there was any doubt, his profile notes: "My mommy @paola_mayfield manages my account."

Axel Mayfield
Photo via Instagram

This is the first and, so far, only photo of Axel on the account.

"Awww he’s getting more beautiful every day," gushes one commenter.

Another raves: "Such a cutie!"

"Looks like his daddy," observes a fan.

Notably, both Axel and Russ have matching strawberry blond hair, though Russ’ is more apparent in his beard.

Another expresses: "Welcome cuteness."

"Deep beautiful blue eyes!!!" praises a commenter before adding an unsettling: "Yummy baby!!!"

Paola Mayfield Nurses Baby Axel
Photo via Instagram

Aside from comments from possible eye-stealing, baby-eating fairytale monsters who live in woodland cottages, the comments were positive.

Paola and Russ do get trolls and criticism sometimes, but their baby is another story.

We’re sure that there are people eager to body-shame Axel the first time that they think that he’s underdressed.

But in real life, he’s literally just three months and some change old.

Even absolute monsters who mom-shame Paola for wearing makeup or showing cleavage or whatever can’t help but love a literal baby.

Paola Mayfield Kisses Baby Axel
Photo via Instagram

While most of us were welcoming in the New Year, Paola Mayfield was in labor.

She and Russ welcomed baby Axel in the wee morning hours on January 1.

Since then, she’s shared various milestones and a lot of precious baby photos.

Pao even shared a photo of Axel after he received his first round of vaccinations.

She got bombarded with paranoid conspiracy theorist nonsense about that, as you can imagine.

Paola Mayfield Breastfeeds Baby Axel

Like most decent parents, Paola and Russ just want to provide for their child’s future.

Because they are famous — famous for their lives, not for scripted roles — they are sharing their baby with the world.

Even so, over time, we suspect that the Mayfields will show less and less of Axel.

Eventually, they will hand over the reins to him so that he can be his own person on social media.

So enjoy these precious baby photos while they last, folks!

Celebrity kids are just like all other kids in that they all grow up faster than you can believe.

Paola Mayfield, One Month After Giving Birth

Speaking of whether or not fans get to see baby Axel …

How much of the precious baby can we expect to see on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

It was strongly implied last year that she and Russ were still with the show, since Anfisa called them "little b–ches."

(Anfisa and Jorge tried to negotiate for more pay — it’s not clear how much money it was, but Russ and Pao thought that it was unreasonable to ask for)

We don’t know how much Axel may have appeared on camera, but we hope to find out soon!

Happily Ever After? Seson 4 premieres on April 28.