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Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club just keeps getting worse and worse … which may be why people can’t look away.

If you tuned in this week, you saw one of the stars make an absolutely startling revelation.

When Mike was a very young teenager, he was blackmailed into prostitution.

Mike Mulderrig is Pensive
Photo via Instagram

First, a very brief setup.

So, Lindsay’s alleged former fiance (you know things are complicated when you have to say alleged about an engagement) came to visit this week.

Nico Tortorella spoke to different people and briefly clashed with Alex over his spiritual views.

Mike Mulderrig, one of the castmates on the show, is openly bisexual.

(You may remember how dismissive Alex was of Mike’s sexuality in February, saying that he thinks that Mike is gay; that’s called bi-erasure)

Nico, who identifies as sexually fluid, and Mike started talking … which is when Mike dropped a bombshell.

Mike Mulderrig Bed Selfie
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Thanks perhaps to editing, it seems like Mike brings up his tragic backstory out of nowhere.

"I want to write a book about being a 14-year-old ho," Mike confesses.

He is not referring to just having an early sexual awakening. He’s talking about something serious and horrifying.

Mike reveals: "I was blackmailed into prostitution."

He’s talking about being trafficked as a minor.

Mike Mulderrig in a Hoodie
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In a confessional, Mike explains how this unspeakable scenario came to be.

"When I was 14, I was very curious about who I was with my sexuality," he says.

So many people are. Unfortunately, Mike got very unlucky.

"I found myself in chat rooms," Mike says. "It didn’t really turn out too well."

While there are places on the internet where LGBTQ+ youth can speak to their peers and learn self-acceptance, the internet can be dangerous for children.

There are also predators looking for the most vulnerable young people they can find.

Mike Mulderrig
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One of these monsters found Mike, who was barely a teenager.

"The wrong people found out my full identity, who my family were, who my friends were," Mike laments.

He continues: "and then it turned into a blackmail situation."

In other words, they would tell everyone in his life that he is bisexual. In his teens, that would have sounded like a death sentence.

"Literally," Mike says, the result was that he lived "like a forced prostitute in New York City from like 16, 17."

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Cast
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That is a chilling reminder of the ways that adults can prey upon minors.

Mike says that this blackmail went on for "3-4 years."

He confesses that, to this day, he does not know the identity of his blackmailer.

High stakes social lives and limited life experience can make teenagers particularly vulnerable to blackmail.

Some monster took advantage of a frightened teenager’s fear of being hated and used it to exploit him for money.

That is absolutely evil.

Beach Club Brent
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That’s all that Mike has to say about that for the moment.

On a much, much lighter note, everyone still hates Brent — except for Sara, who insists that she loves him.

Brent says that they’re all just "jealous."

He then proceeded to blow off Sara at the house party, which is when Billy seized his chance to swoop in and "comfort" her.

Photo via TooFab

Jonitta won the episode with the best line that we’ve heard all year.

Seeing Billy and Sara, she observed: "A shoulder to cry on ends up becoming a dick to ride on."

Going to quote that forever and ever.

We’re glad that the episode had some levity, because Mike Mulderrig’s story is going to haunt us for a long time.

Parents, please make it clear that your kids can come to you if they’re being blackmailed — no matter what.