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If you watched Vanderpump Rules on Monday then you witnessed an unexpected meltdown from one of the show’s most pleasantly aloof and level-headed cast members.

Lala Kent positively lost her sh-t at a brunch event hosted by Billie Lee, and pretty much everyone who was on hand for the tirade came to the conclusion that the actress/SUR hostess was in an extremely fragile state.

Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules
Photo via Bravo

To be fair, the outburst didn’t come out of nowhere.

The recent death of Lala’s father was clearly still weighing heavily on her mind; she’s been beefing with Billie all season; and the fact that Raquel continues to tolerate James’ idiocy is genuinely frustrating AF.

But prior to the airing of Monday night’s episode, Lala sat for a candid Instagram Live session in which she revealed that there are reasons for her erratic behavior this season that go well beyond the roller coaster events of a typical Vanderpump episode.

Lala Kent in Bed
Photo via Instagram

Back in December, Kent revealed that she was 60 days sober.

At the time (and on a recent episode Vanderpump) she claimed that she had put down the bottle as part of a pact with her fiancé, Randall Emmett.

Now, however, Kent has revealed that she was struggling with a dependency on alcohol that led her to start attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

Now, Lala has reached yet another milestone in her recovery, and she says she owes it all to AA and the support of her loved ones.

Lala Kent Strikes a Pose
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“Five months ago, I came to the realization that I am an alcoholic, and I am now a friend of Bill W., which you will never know how much this program means to me [and] has given me new life,” Kent told her Instagram followers Sunday night.

"A friend of Bill W." is a term that’s often used by AA adherents to describe their relationship to the program’s founder, Bill Wilson.

“I always say if you don’t have to be sober, I wouldn’t recommend it, but me — as someone who does need to be sober — being in my right frame of mind every single day is truly incredible,” Kent added.

Lala Kent Smiles
Photo via Bravo

Lala says the death of her father drove her to the brink of mental collapse, and while there was a time when she may have found temporary relief in booze, she eventually realized that binge drinking was making her situation immeasurably worse.

“When I’m having the roughest day that I could possibly have, I — for once in a very, very long time — see the light at the end of the tunnel," Kent told her audience.

"I know that tomorrow I’m gonna be okay.”

It's Lala Kent
Photo via Bravo

Lala went on to reveal that while she still mourns her father daily, putting down the bottle has helped her come to terms with the loss with a clear head an open heart:

“I’m thinking a lot about my dad today — not different from any other day — and I just feel very, very blessed that I think back on my time that I had with him and there’s no regrets,” she said.

“I’m so grateful that I have this program and that I can mourn him,” Kent added, expressing additional gratitude toward AA.

Ooh La La (Kent)
Photo via Bravo

“The program has allowed me to sit down and remember my dad in a clear frame of mind, and remember what he brought to my life, what he meant to me, what he taught me.”

Interestingly, Lala isn’t the only Vanderpump cast member who recently made the decision to sober up after losing a parent.

Jax Taylor’s father died in June, and while the controversial star hasn’t completely gotten clean, he recently claimed that he’s only had "six drinks in the past six months."

We wish both Lala and Jax all the best as they continue down the road to recovery.