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Poor Paris Jackson is having a miserable month — but not in the way that you might think.

After the harrowing Leaving Neverland documentary aired, reports have come pouring out that Paris’ mental health is in dire straights.

But Paris says that it’s all lies — and gives an example of the way that the media can twist anything into a fake crisis.

Paris Jackson on IG
Photo via Instagram

Paris Jackson has been using Twitter to dispell rumors about herself. This month, she’s been extra busy.

"*parks at gas station waiting for my boyfriend to pump gas*" Paris narrates in a tweet.

Her tweet continues: "*closes eyes to listen to favorite song*"

"Paps take pic and zoom in so you can’t see that I’m parked," she accuses.

"And," she continues. "Accuse me of falling asleep at the wheel."

Paris Jackson tweet-blasts the paparazzi 01

"When will this stop," Paris demands to know.

Paris has been dealing with gossip and misinformation for years and years.

But she notes that it has greatly intensified very recently.

"This past week," Paris observes in a follow-up tweet. "It’s been nonstop bulls–t."

"I’m so sick of it," she laments.

Paris Jackson tweet-blasts the paparazzi 02

This is not the first time that Paris has called out the entertainment news media over reports on her alleged state of mind.

Last week, TMZ reported that Paris Jackson had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

Paris replied to a tweet about the story with: "f–k you you f–king liars."

Different tabloids are more trustworthy than others, but TMZ is known for carefully checking its sources to confirm reports.

(Personally, if TMZ reported that I had been hospitalized, I would double-check to make sure that I wasn’t forgetting things)

Clearly, Paris felt that at least part of the report was untrue.

Paris Jackson, Smoking on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Paris has also been deeply frustrated by fan concerns after her video featuring drug use.

"i smoke weed on my story ONE time," Paris lamented in a tweet last week.

"And all of a sudden i’m a junkie meth alcoholic party raver," she continued.

Paris parodied the rumors, adding: "that’s also secretly married and pregnant and may or may not have a penis."

While she was clearly exaggerating about reports, she has a fair point.

Paris Jackson using marijuana is neither new nor cause for alarm.

Paris Jackson, Tattoo and Flowers
Photo via Instagram

The reason for the sudden surge in interest in what Paris is up to is simple.

Leaving Neverland is a chilling documentary.

It features accusations about sex crimes against minors, told by the alleged victims, both of whom are now adults.

What’s more is that both men had previously spoken out to defend Michael Jackson.

They now say that this was out of a misplaced sense of loyalty.

Naturally, a lot of people want to know how the Jackson children are feeling after so much has come to light.

Paris Jackson Snuggles Her Dog
Photo via Instagram

The reality is that Michael Jackson’s children do not need to be asked about this topic.

To them, he was their father. He has been dead for a decade. 

It doesn’t do anyone any good — not them and not the alleged victims — to press them to reevaluate how they see their late father.

Has this documentary impacted them on an emotional level? Almost certainly.

But we don’t blame Paris for feeling frustrated for minding her own business and seeing headlines reading that she is "spiraling."

If it’s a report, we’ll of course report on it, but Paris is entitled to be annoyed.