Kody Brown and Christine Brown: Is the Marriage Over?

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According to tradition, couples are supposed to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a gift made from silver.

But Kody Brown and Christine Brown are apparently taking a different tact to this very special occasion:

They are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by... not spending any time together.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Uh-oh! What might this mean for their marriage?!?

Sister Wives viewers have been concerned about this long-lasting union for a little while now, starting with a mid-March disagreement between Kody and Christine after the former suggested that he and his better halves ALL reside in the same house.

Christine was simply not having any of this idea -- and she let it be known in public."

What?! are you seriously wanting all of us in ONE home!! Maybe if you married that girl from your home town SHE would have! #SisterWives," she wrote in response to Kody actually calling her the "MURDERER of dreams."

He may have been making a joke with that reference.

But would any woman find it funny?


Then, on March 26m Aspyn Brown sent well wishes to her mother and father, writing on Instagram:

"Happy anniversary to my cutie fun-loving parents!

Thank you for being such a wonderful example for me. I always wanted a fun relationship like you two have and now I do. Thank you for all you do for me! I hope you have such a fun celebration.

"I love you both so much!"

The kind sentiment was penned as a caption to this photo from Aspyn's wedding:

aspyn wedding pic

The thing is, while Christine and Kody were together to give their daughter away on her big day, they were NOT together for their anniversary.

Christine actually chose to Gonzaga a LuLaRoe cruise to Puerto Rico with sister wife Meri Brown instead, a decision that has raised quite a few eyebrows within Sister Wives Nation.

The relationship between Meri and Kody has been on the rocks for a couple years, too, prompting many to wonder what these women are discussing during excursion away from their husband.

Christine, meanwhile, doesn't seem too anxious to clear anything up, either, as she's gone social media silent ever since leaving on the cruise.

hashtag wives

This is very unlike her -- and it may be a telling sign.

Especially since she and Kody got into an argument three weeks ago after the latter brought up a woman from his past.

Christine was most decidedly NOT social media silent after this incident.

"He’s wishing he would have married that quiet woman from his hometown," she wrote in response to a comment on Twitter.


Interesting, right?

Potentially troublesome, no?

You can follow this link to watch Sister Wives online if you need to catch up on the latest between Kody and his spouses, and then you can sound off below:

Do you think this marriage is truly in trouble?

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