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Kim Zolciak has slammed her former The Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates as a bunch of losers.

She has her own show — and it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Don’t Be Tardy has been renewed. And Kim herself is getting a raise.

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RadarOnline reports that Don’t Be Tardy is coming back for yet another season.

And if you’re surprised that the show has enough viewers, that’s okay — the report explains why some figures you may have seen were misleading.

"Kim’s numbers on ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ are doing really well," the insider reveals.

As the source explains, they’re excellent numbers "once the DVR numbers are accounted for."

Between so many streaming options and DVR, only a small portion of any show’s audience is going to arrange their schedule around watching it live.

DVR numbers and other pieces of information help to paint a clearer picture of how many viewers a show really receives.

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Kim Zolciak’s enduring popularity means that Bravo wants to keep her onboard.

"Bravo wants her back for another season," the insider reveals.

The report does admit that Don’t Be Tardy isn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut.

In fact, it may need a bit of a boost.

The source adds: "but she needs a stronger lead-in show."

That’s fair.

Kim Zolciak for Bravo

But Bravo is determined to give her another season — and more.

"Kim is getting another season of the show," the insider shares.

"And," the source details. "She will also get a raise."

We are sure that she is relieved to have negotiated that part of the contract.

Everyone else’s wages may have been stagnating for years, but if your reality show has enough viewers, you can get richer every year.

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Don’t Be Tardy hasn’t always had the most stable viewership.

Notably, the series was moved from its Sunday night timeslot to an unenviable Friday night timeslot.

If you’re looking for a wealth of live viewership, Friday nights are a death sentence.

However, despite this awkward move, her ratings managed to bounce back.

A show practically in TV-hospice managing to reacquire viewers will catch some attention from execs.

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Don’t Be Tardy is currently on Season 7.

Viewers have seen Kim experience a health scare just as she turned 40. 

(She turned 40 on May 19 of last year)

Another storyline has been daughter Brielle Biermann leaving the family home because she’s a hot, rich adult.

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As the report mentioned, Kim is on the receiving end of a pay raise.

"She’s getting her family vacation paid for again," the insider quips about 

And it’s not like she’s not already making bank. Because she absolutely is.

It has previously come to light that Kim rakes in $1.5 million per season.

Brielle pulls in $192,000 per season.

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We can only guess how much those numbers may be increasing with this raise for the new season.

Brielle, of course, also makes a living as influencer, raking in a separate 6-digit annual income through Instagram ads.

If you’re hot and have a famous mom and a lot of followers, you can buy a bigass house after just a few years.

Those few years are spent posting photos of yourself wearing specific clothes or posing with specific teas.

That’s not a bad deal at all — but it never hurts to have a second source of income.

Especially when that second check stems from the family business.