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It’s been over six years since Kim Zolciak left The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In that time, she’s seen success in some areas (Hey, very few Housewives get their own spinoffs!), and been less triumphant in others. (The less said about Zolciak’s music career, the better!)

Kim Zolciak Loves the Beach

Kim appears to be doing fine financially, but given her love of the spotlight, one might assume she would want to make her way back to TV.

Given her intense love of the spotlight, it would be safe to assume that Kim would be eager to return to the show that made her famous.

Over the years, there have been rumors that Zolciak is "desperate" to reclaim her role on the show, but in a scathing new interview, the mother of five dismisses those reports and claims that she’s glad to be done with RHOA — and with her castmates.

Kim Zolciak Has Extreme Lip Fillers

“F–k no,” Kim told OK! magazine when asked if she still watches the show.

“I do not [keep up with the show at all]. No. Last year was enough for me to handle.”

In case there was any question about her feelings about RHOA, she added:

Kim Zolciak in Red

“I will never go back to Housewives again.”

So why is it that Zolciak harbors such disdain for the series that first put her in the spotlight?

Well, not surprisingly, Kim claims her contentious castmates are the problem.

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

Zolciak insists that she’s changed as a person in the years since she lost her full-time cast member status, while her former colleagues have not.

Worse, Kim says, they’re “oblivious to the lack of growth" in their lives.

Zolciak goes on to say that her castmates are too negative for her current state of mind.

Kim Zolciak Winks

“I like positive happy fun things, you know? And I feel like [the show and its environment] can be [filled with] a lot of negativity," she says.

After pretty much torching a whole lot of bridges in a single interview, Kim goes on to say she wishes her castmates well:

“I don’t know that there’s a whole lot of animosity [between me and the rest of the cast]," she tells OK!

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

"I just [think] we all kind of have our own separate lives…or at least I do," she added.

Well, that may be the case — but there’s one important distinction:

They live their separate lives on TV, whereas Kim does not!