Kim Zolciak TOTALLY Photoshops Bikini Selfies, Expert Says

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Kim Zolciak is a huge fan of posting LOOK-AT-MY-HOT-BODY-NOW selfies, and you have to admit, her figure is indeed impressive.

So impressive, in fact, that it has a number of fans and critics examining her pics all squinty-eyed before pointing a finger and screaming, "Photoshop!"

To get to the bottom of the matter (I will resist the urge to pun), Radar consulted Photoshop expert Alan Barry, who is blowing the whistle on The Real Housewives of Atlanta star. 

He claims that she indeed manipulates her photos, and reveals exactly where and how through the series of images below. 

1. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #1

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #1
"On the left-hand side of her waist that looks really straight, there is a curve to the table underneath," says Barry. "The way her hand is indented into her waist on her right, it looks like she's grabbing fat there. Her thumb got lost in the Photoshop process." Barry also contends that Zolciak used Facetune to airbrush her mug, stating, "That's not her face."

2. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #2

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #2
"The skin of her abdomen is completely smooth and there appears to be a slight highlight near her belly button," Barry says of this selfie. "The woman's had six children, that's not possible." The photographer also believes her face looks distorted. "If you look at the side of her face from where her hair is indented on her cheek, it looks like it was twisted."

3. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #3

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #3
"All of a sudden, she has this very curvy abdomen," Barry says of this pic, which was taken a week before the last example. "There is a line running along the left side of her stomach, and it's not on the other side. Someone took a brush and darkened that." He also points to the "rippling" on her right thigh. "That's a really, really bad Photoshop job," he said.

4. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #4

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #4
"Her right thigh looks like it was taken in if you compare them," said Barry of this selfie. "One is straight, while one is curved."

5. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #5

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #5
"Her belly looks unusually flat," was Barry's critique of this bikini pic. "You don't see lines, a bulge, abs, nothing. Her belly button seems to have almost disappeared!"

6. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #6

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #6
Barry points to the pic above as one that was NOT altered. "You can't have the abdominal muscles that were displayed in the prior shots and have your abdomen as bloated as this," he said. "This picture is the proof that this is the most accurate example of what she looks like. This photo looks like it's free of Photoshop."

7. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #7

Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #7
Earlier this year, Zolciak was accused by fans of Photoshopping this pic from the dermatologist's office, where she was getting a Venus Freeze treatment to reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. She insisted she did not alter the pic and hit back by saying, "You are jealous and it's a disease, GET THE FUCK UP.. And FIX YOUR LIFE!" Alrighty, then.

8. Kim Zolciak Photoshop Example #8

Kim got so sick of people crying Photoshop that she posted this grainy video of herself in a bikini to Instagram with the caption, "No need to photoshop!" What do you think?

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