Joseline Hernandez Trashes Stevie J: He NEVER Sees His Daughter!

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It's not exactly breaking news to state that Stevie J. is a deadbeat dad.

Per court documents, the VH1 reality star owes over $1 million in child support to his various baby mamas.

(For the record, Stevie has six kids by four women; the dude has prolific sperm and, we don't know, just loves to have unprotected sex or something.)

steve and jos

But Joseline Hernandez, Stevie's very famous ex, has now offered up a very stark example of why Stevie sucks as a father, one that goes far behind dollars and cents.

Here is how the troubling revelation referenced in the above headline came about...

You see, Stevie has a nine-year old daughter (Eva) with former lover MiMi Faust. And Faust is now involved with a woman named Tamera Young.

Earlier this week, Young shared a cute photo of herself and Eva just hanging out, which you can see here:

with eva

"#SelfieSunday with boss baby. … She looked at my IG today and said heyyyyy mommie has way more pics than me #TY1 #FOE #ForeverYoung #LiveLaughLove," wrote Young as a caption to the image.

Stevie then went ahead and chimed in underneath Young’s photo, throwing a bit of shade as follows:

“Y’all should adopt."

The implication here? That Young and Faust adopt a child of their own and that the former leave his kid along.

This comment prompted Young to fire back: “So, you mad at me [because] you left your baby mama #4 and daughter are loved?"

young response

As you can see above, Young also stated that Stevie is only an "Instagram daddy" who almost never spends any time with his nine-year old daughter.

She says he only ever sees his daughter when he can exploit her for his reality series.

"My ovaries work fine though I’ll carry our new baby and Eva will have a sibling in the house," she told Stevie, adding:

"And you can continue to be an Instagram daddy and ONLY spend time with Eva when you have to film for TV like you been doing."

Not long after this comment went viral, Hernandez jumped in and sided with Young.

She made it clear that Stevie never really sees the daughter he had with her two years ago, either.

“And not too mention he has not seen Bonnie Bella for 1 year,” wrote Joseline, adding of Stevie's possibly pregnant wife:

“Faith Evan pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call Bonnie Bella for her birthday.”

jos comment

Hernandez’s absentee father remarks follow her September 2018 claims stating to Bossip that Stevie J. hadn’t been in their daughter’s life for months.

“You guys have to realize that I’ve never had my baby for anyone other than myself,” the mother of one said during the interview.

“When I got pregnant, I was separated; I was by myself; I was a single woman. I accepted and took care of my responsibilities without a problem.”

Hernandez had previously slammed Stevie J as garbage.

Joseline and Steven J

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, meanwhille, returned yesterday, Monday, March 25, for its latest season.

Stevie and Faith and their relationship are front and center on new episodes.

Perhaps we should think about NOT rewarding a$$hole fathers with prominent small screen roles and huge paychecks.

Just an idea.

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