Jackson Duggar: Already Driving at 14!

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The Duggars were showing their wild side on the most recent episode of Counting On season 9. 

Kendra and Joe Duggar catch some rays in Panama Beach, Florida, Jackson begins to drive at the age of 14 and John and Abbie don't surprise anyone by going on a mission trip to the Philippines. 

But first let's dive on over to Panama City, which is one of the most popular and crazy beach vacation spots in America.

Duggar's At The Beach

What sounds more fun than a spring break trip with Kendra and her entire family and Joe Duggar?! 

I can think of probably anything else...  

The entire Caldwell clan packed up their sunscreen, modest swimsuits, and an obnoxious amount of beach gear into their van before beginning their voyage to the sea!

Joe Duggar & Pastor Caldwell Prepare For Vacation

Once arriving in the sunny state, the family immediately hit the beach and began their fun-filled day by eating lunch, out of sand buckets. 

We can only imagine the laughs and stares coming from the surrounding spring breakers as they all had to view a large family sitting in a circle eating snacks out of buckets, while the girls show off their bathing suit skirts. 

But yet, we too are actually watching them do this. 

Joseph Duggar, Kendra Caldwell Picture

Once they finished eating who knows what from the sandy buckets, Kendra's dad attempts to bring some PG fun onto the beach by having a sandcastle-building contest. 

Yes we're sighing and secretly wishing Kendra and Joe would sneak off and go shotgun a beer with a fraternity bro, but instead, we will patiently watch to see which family member can build the best and tallest structure made from sand. 

Which we know that drunken frat bro will probably be sleeping face-first in tonight. 

Pastor Paul Caldwell

After a long day of sand-castles, burying Joe in the sand, and hearing Kendra call her parents "mommy" and "daddy", I think we can all agree that it is time to move on over to Texas to see what Jeremy and Jinger are up to. 

The small little family is getting ready to fly out to New Jersey to pay Jeremy's family a visit! 

Jeremy explains that traveling with baby Felicity is much more challenging than traveling as a party of two, however, when the producer jokingly asks about traveling 19-kids-deep, he shuts up real quick. 

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Speak on Counting On

We're then rewarded with old family video clips where we learn that the family once had a Home Alone moment IRL. 

The Duggars once lost baby Jackson at an airport, and while everyone laughs, let me remind you he was a BABY and not an 8-year-old Kevin McCallister. 

Nice going, Duggars.

The Duggars in 2004

Once the Vuolos arrived at Jeremy's grandparent's house, it was time to introduce them to Felicity. And his grandmother nearly fainted upon meeting her adorable great-granddaughter. 

The feeling was mutual as baby Felicity was also smiling hard at her family member who was not called a Duggar. 

It's not everyday Felicity gets attention like that from grandparents, I mean, Jim-Bob and Michelle get a new grand-kid every 6-months, so this special moment was just way too precious. 

Baby Felicity Meets Great-Grandma!

Keeping on board with the traveling theme of the episode, John-David and Abbie also increased their frequent flier miles as they headed to the Philippines for a mission trip! 

A producer calls out the couple asking why anyone would go on an international trip two weeks before their wedding? 

John explains that this mission trip, however, is responsible for their relationship.

And it was also booked a long time ago and is probably non-refundable. 

John David and Abbie Front-Hug

John and Abbie explain that John was looking to bring some nurses on the trip and well, Abbie had been dying for a nursing experience abroad.

Thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle teaming up with Abbie's parents, they had arranged for her to be one of the nurses.

And once she got a look at good ole' John, the two found love at first sight and about a week later John proposed to Abbie in an airport hanger.

John David and Abbie

Once the happy couple arrived in the Philippines, Abbie could not contain her excitement to be back in her nursing element. 

When producers asked if she would ever go back to nursing once she's done with being a Duggar baby-making machine, she said yes.

She also shocked viewers by saying John would totally support her when she is ready to go back to work. 

John then shows the cameras the village they are "medical missioning" at and explains that he and the other non-nurses will be "sharing the gospel" to the non-interested enthusiastic villagers.  

Abbie Burnett and John-David Duggar as Newlyweds

Heading back to Arkansas, USA, a few Duggar men are ready to take Jackson for a driving lesson.

While Jackson is a literal pre-teen probably just hitting puberty at the age of 14, he is legally allowed to obtain a driving permit, as long as he has a willing adult passenger.

"Most Duggars get their permits at 14," said John.

Jackson Duggar Drives!

Jackson proudly told the producers he's been practicing driving for about three years already and that he still has to use pillows to sit on so he can reach the steering wheel.

Sister Jana, AKA Jackson's real caretaker, is in disbelief that he is already at driving age. 

But ok, is he really? 


Jackson then heads to the police department to receive some driving safety tips from officers, which was almost as boring as the sand-castle competition. 

Jinger dishes to her friend Cara while in New Jersey that she thinks she wants to enjoy some down-time before having baby #2, which I'm sure threw both of her parents into a coma, especially knowing they now have to handle the family's approaching move to Los Angeles.

Once John and Abbie returned from their self-needed journey down in the Philippines, the couple shared that they see many more mission trips in their future as a married couple.

On the next episode of Counting On, Jana shows off her party hosting skills by putting together an entire hangar reception and John and Abbie finally say "I do!" 

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