Sophie Turner: I Love a Person's Soul, Not Their Gender

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Whether she's discussing her engagement to Joe Jonas or telling Piers Morgan to shut up forever, Sophie Turner is a delight.

She and her bestie, Game of Thrones costar, made the cover of Rolling Stone and discussed every topic under the sun.

Sophie caught the most attention when she mentioned men and women, and how her attraction is based upon the soul, not a person's gender.

Sophie Turner is Radiant

Appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone, Sophie Turner is making headlines over her statements about attraction and gender.

"Everyone experiments," Sophie observes.

She characterizes that "It's part of growing up."

With respect to her own personal history, she explains why gender has never been a barrier for her, but a detail.

"I love a soul," Sophie reveals. "Not a gender."

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, Rolling Stone Cover

Sophie also spoke about how her friendship with her castmate, Maisie Williams, blossomed.

She says that it all started when the two of them sat down for a chemistry read, way back in 2009.

"We were pretty much best friends from that second on," Sophie shares.

The two play sisters, Sansa and Arya Stark, on Game of Thrones.

Interestingly, both have gone on to play mutants in X-Men films.

Sophie of course is a young Jean Grey, while Maisie plays Rahne Sinclair in New Mutants ... whenever that actually gets released.

Winter Comes to Winterfell

In the past, Sophie has joked that she "has an addiction to Maisie."

She even shared that the pair used their friendship and chemistry to play a bit of a prank on the cast and crew.

Sophie admitted that she used to "to sneak a kiss into every scene we did together.

She is only two years Maisie's senior, but they do play sisters.

Sophie shares that the goal was "to freak everyone out a bit."

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Together

As the world learned a year and a half ago, Sophie Turner is engaged to Joe Jonas.

But she says that she didn't always expect to end up with him -- or with anyone.

Sophie admits that she was "fully preparing myself to be single for the rest of my life."

Plenty of people are very happily single for life, but that, she learned, was not her destiny.

"I think once you've found the right person, you just know," Sophie explains.

fans want Joe Jonas to stop bragging about Sophie Turner

(You're welcome for sharing one of the best tweets to ever be tweeted)

"I feel like I'm much older a soul than I am in age," Sophie says.

Sophie just turned 23 last month, but it seems that she gave this interview before her birthday.

She elaborates: "I've met enough guys to know -- I've met enough girls to know."

"I don't feel 22," Sophie says. "I feel like 27, 28."

From a teen or minor, that kind of sentiment would set off alarm bells. From an adult, that sounds just fine.

Sophie Turner Picture

Obviously, everyone is very excited to hear that Sophie Turner implied that she had hooked up with or perhaps even dated other girls over the years.

But remember that she did not actually confirm that -- just imply it.

Also remember that she did not adopt a label. What she describes matches, say, a bisexual or a pansexual.

But people are free to choose or forego labels as they wish.

We don't get to thrust labels upon them.

Congrats to Sophie Turner on her amazing career, her continuing engagement to a heartthrob, and her general excellence.

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