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For Jazz Jennings, the complications after her bottom surgery were worth it, because she can now live as her authentic self without dysphoria.

It also paid off for her show, I Am Jazz, whose ratings were through the roof.

Now, the GLAAD Award winning reality series has been renewed for yet another season.

Jazz Jennings Turns 18

The Wrap excitedly reports that I Am Jazz has been renewed by TLC.

The show’s sixth season, which has now been greenlit, will air in 2020.

Season 5 showcased some pivotal moments in Jazz’s life.

Jazz, who is now 18, underwent bottom surgery, fulfilling her lifelong dream of having a vagina.

Fans saw her grapple with complications — and get serious with a new boyfriend.

Jazz Jennings Celebrates

Howard Lee, president and general manager of TLC, spoke about how excited he is for I Am Jazz to continue.

"Jazz is the quintessential example of living authentically and embracing one’s true self," Lee begins.

"And," his statement continues. "That is what TLC seeks to celebrate in all of our programming."

Some shows succeed more at that goal than others.

"Jazz’s story has inspired viewers across America," Lee notes.

Jazz Jennings: A Selfie

"And," Lee says, Jazz’s show has "never more so than this past year."

He notes that viewers tuned in and watched Jazz "during the most important moment of her life."

That would be her gender confirmation surgery.

"We are proud that Jazz and her family have allowed TLC to follow along on her journey," he expresses.

"And," Lee concludes. "We look forward with great excitement to sharing the next chapter of her life with our devoted audience."

Jazz Jennings Post-Op Selfie

I Am Jazz‘s eventful fifth season paid off where it counts — in viewership.

Season six was it’s highest-rated season among women in the 18-49 range and in the 25-54 range.

(Yes, there is some overlap there — but those are coveted demographics, especially since most television viewers are women)

Season 5 averaged about 1.4 million viewers per episode.

Overall, Season 5’s numbers were reportedly the highest in the show’s history.

Jazz Jennings and Mom Jeanette

Jazz’s success is especially notable because so many people have tried to tear down the show — and her, personally.

Notably, time after time, former Counting On star Derick Dillard has verbally attacked Jazz simply for existing as herself.

He is not alone, unfortunately.

Trans folks have always been among us, but never before have they been as visible to the public eye as during the past several years.

Unfortunately, that makes them an easy target for bigots — and for any politician or entertainer who wishes to cater to bigots.

Jazz hopes that sharing her story, with all of its ups and downs, will help to change hearts and minds.

Jazz Jennings on Instagram

As you probably noticed if your social media feeds look anything like mine, Thursday night was the annual GLAAD Awards.

Jazz Jennings was in attendance … but had to bow out.

"I didn’t survive the red carpet tonight," Jazz admitted in an Instagram post.

"My social anxiety got the best of me," she explained. "And I had to remove myself from that situation."

"I’m feeling better now," Jazz noted. "But no one talks about how stressful it can be for 10 cameras to be flashing in your face with paparazzi screaming your name."

"It’s not for everyone," Jazz concluded. "Especially not someone with crippling anxiety."